NURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment Sample

NURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal AssignmentNURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment

NURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment Brief

Course: NURS 3100 – Issues and Trends in Nursing

Assignment Title: NURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment

Assignment Instructions Overview

The Technology Contingency Plan (TCP) Journal Assignment aims to help students prepare for and reflect on potential technology-related challenges in an academic environment. This assignment requires students to engage in “thinking on the page,” a process of writing that aids in reflecting on and processing new knowledge. Students will complete the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet, which includes listing critical resources, identifying backup options, and establishing routines for data protection. The assignment not only involves creating the plan but also reflecting on the experience and the role of technology in their educational journey.

Understanding Assignment Objectives

The primary objectives of this assignment are to:

  • Prepare for Technology Challenges: Encourage students to proactively plan for technology issues by completing a detailed contingency plan.
  • Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: Develop students’ abilities to anticipate and mitigate technology-related problems that could disrupt their academic work.
  • Reflect on Technology Use: Provide a platform for students to reflect on the extensive use of technology in their studies and how it impacts their learning process.
  • Promote Academic Resilience: Foster resilience by ensuring students have the tools and strategies to continue their studies despite technical difficulties.

The Student’s Role

In this assignment, students are expected to:

  • Engage with Resources: View the “Creating a Technology Backup Plan” video and review the TCP worksheet provided in the learning resources.
  • Complete the TCP Worksheet: Document essential information such as alternative computer options, file backup systems, and contact details for technical support and peers.
  • Reflect and Journal: Write a minimum 200-word journal entry reflecting on the process of completing the TCP worksheet, the insights gained, and strategies to avoid or address technology issues.
  • Submit the Assignment: Ensure the completed TCP worksheet and the reflective journal are submitted according to the specified guidelines and deadlines.

Competencies Measured

This assignment measures several key competencies:

  • Technical Proficiency: Ability to utilize and manage technology effectively to support academic work.
  • Critical Thinking: Capacity to anticipate potential problems and devise practical solutions.
  • Organizational Skills: Competence in organizing essential information and resources to ensure smooth academic progress.
  • Reflective Practice: Engagement in self-reflection to evaluate personal experiences and improve future practices.
  • Communication: Skill in articulating thoughts and reflections clearly in writing.

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NURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment Sample


In the contemporary academic environment, where technology underpins nearly every aspect of learning, having a robust Technology Contingency Plan (TCP) is essential for ensuring continuous access to resources and minimizing disruptions. This journal assignment provides an opportunity to reflect on the creation of a TCP, the process involved, and the significance of preparedness in handling technology-related challenges. The subsequent sections will delve into the various elements of the TCP worksheet, the insights gained during its completion, and strategies to mitigate potential technology issues.

Completing the Technology Contingency Plan Worksheet

Element 1: Walden Website Addresses

The first element in the TCP worksheet involves listing the Walden University website addresses essential for accessing online courses and resources. This includes the main Walden University homepage and the myWalden portal page. Ensuring these URLs are readily available is a fundamental step in maintaining connectivity to the institution’s online services, especially during unexpected outages or technical difficulties. By having these addresses documented, students can quickly access their courses and related materials without unnecessary delays (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 2: Two Alternative Computers

Identifying two alternative computers available for use is a critical aspect of the TCP. These alternatives serve as backups in case the primary computer fails. For example, a student might list the local public library and a nearby internet café as alternative locations with available computers. Specifying the hours of operation for these venues ensures that the student can access these resources during critical times, such as late-night study sessions or weekend assignments. This step emphasizes the importance of having multiple contingencies to avoid being stranded without access to essential academic tools (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 3: File Backup System

Choosing a reliable file backup system is paramount to safeguarding academic work. Options such as cloud storage services (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox), external hard drives, and USB flash drives are commonly used. The chosen backup system should be easy to use and provide sufficient storage capacity. Regularly backing up files to these systems ensures that important documents, such as research papers and project files, are not lost in case of a computer crash or other unforeseen events. This element highlights the importance of proactive measures in preserving academic data (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 4: File Backup Schedule

Establishing a consistent file backup schedule is essential for maintaining updated copies of academic work. A weekly backup routine, such as every Sunday evening, ensures that the most recent versions of files are always saved. Adhering to this schedule reduces the risk of significant data loss and provides peace of mind. This practice underscores the discipline required in managing digital assets effectively and the need for regular maintenance to prevent potential disruptions (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 5: Technology Support Services

Documenting the contact information for technology support services is crucial for resolving technical issues promptly. This includes the email address, phone number, and operating hours of the Student Support Team at Walden University. Having this information readily available allows students to seek assistance quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous access to essential academic resources. This element reinforces the importance of knowing where to turn for help and the role of institutional support in managing technology-related challenges (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 6: Instructor Contact Information

Including the contact details of course instructors is vital for maintaining communication during technical difficulties. This information should encompass the instructor’s name, email address, phone number, office location, and time zone. In the event of a technology failure, students can inform their instructors about the issue and make necessary arrangements for assignment submissions or class participation. This step highlights the importance of transparent communication and the need to establish a rapport with instructors to navigate unforeseen challenges effectively (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 7: Classmate 1 Backup

Listing the contact information of a classmate as a backup resource provides an additional layer of support. This classmate can be contacted for assistance with accessing course materials, clarifying assignments, or sharing updates in case of a technology failure. Including their name, email address, phone number, and time zone ensures that this backup resource is easily accessible. This element emphasizes the value of peer support and the collaborative aspect of academic success (Laureate Education, 2019).

Element 8: Classmate 2 Backup

Similarly, documenting the contact details of a second classmate as a backup reinforces the support network. This redundancy ensures that even if one classmate is unavailable, another can be reached for assistance. This practice underscores the importance of building a robust support system and fostering a sense of community among classmates, which can be crucial in overcoming technology-related challenges (Laureate Education, 2019).

Reflecting on the Technology Contingency Plan Process

Completing the TCP worksheet was an eye-opening experience, revealing the intricacies of planning for technology-related contingencies. The process highlighted the need for meticulous preparation and the value of having multiple layers of backup systems in place. Reflecting on this exercise, several key insights emerged:

  1. Proactive Planning: The importance of proactive planning cannot be overstated. Anticipating potential issues and having solutions ready significantly reduces stress and ensures continuity in academic work. This proactive approach is a crucial skill that extends beyond academia into professional and personal domains (Laureate Education, 2019).
  2. Diverse Backup Options: Relying on a single backup system is insufficient. Utilizing multiple methods, such as cloud storage, external drives, and peer support, creates a comprehensive safety net. This diversity in backup options ensures that even if one system fails, others can compensate, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss (Laureate Education, 2019).
  3. Regular Maintenance: Establishing a regular maintenance routine, such as weekly file backups, is essential for keeping backups current. Consistency in this practice ensures that the most recent versions of documents are always available, reducing the impact of any technical failure (Laureate Education, 2019).
  4. Effective Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication with instructors and classmates is vital. In the event of a technology failure, being able to inform and coordinate with others ensures that academic responsibilities are managed effectively. This aspect of the TCP underscores the importance of building strong relationships within the academic community (Laureate Education, 2019).
  5. Institutional Support: Knowing how to access institutional support services is critical. The availability of technology support teams and their readiness to assist students plays a significant role in resolving technical issues promptly. This reliance on institutional resources highlights the collaborative nature of academic success (Laureate Education, 2019).

Strategies to Avoid Technology Issues

Based on the insights gained from the TCP process, several strategies can be employed to avoid technology issues:

  • Regular System Updates: Keeping software and hardware up to date reduces the risk of technical failures. Regular updates ensure that the latest security patches and improvements are applied, enhancing system stability and performance.
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware Protection: Installing robust antivirus and anti-malware software protects against malicious threats that can compromise data integrity. Regular scans and updates to this software ensure ongoing protection against evolving cyber threats.
  • Power Backup Solutions: Investing in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or battery backups can safeguard against power outages. These solutions provide temporary power, allowing for the safe shutdown of systems and preventing data corruption.
  • Redundant Internet Connections: Having access to multiple internet connections, such as a primary home network and a mobile hotspot, ensures continuous connectivity. In the event of an internet outage, an alternative connection can maintain access to online resources.
  • Cloud-Based Services: Utilizing cloud-based services for file storage and collaboration provides accessibility from any device with an internet connection. These services often include automatic backup features, further enhancing data security.
  • Peer Networks: Building a network of peers who can provide support in times of technical difficulties is invaluable. This network can share resources, provide updates, and offer assistance, ensuring that academic progress is not hindered by individual technology failures.


The Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment underscores the significance of preparedness in managing technology-related challenges in an academic environment. Through the completion of the TCP worksheet, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in creating a robust contingency plan. Reflecting on this process reveals the importance of proactive planning, diverse backup options, regular maintenance, effective communication, and institutional support. By employing strategies to avoid technology issues, students can ensure continuous access to academic resources and minimize disruptions, thereby enhancing their overall learning experience. This journal assignment serves as a valuable exercise in developing critical skills that are essential for academic success and beyond.


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Detailed Assessment Instructions for the NURS 3100 Technology Contingency Plan Journal Assignment



The objective of the Journal Assignment is to provide you with a private place to think on the page. “Thinking on the page” is a phrase used to describe writing as a form of thinking. Some of us process our thoughts out loud as we describe them to others. In an academic environment, you will be asked to record your ideas in writing (“thinking on the page”) to show the new knowledge that you have acquired through reading and listening to the resources and completing the assignments. In this Journal Assignment, you will create a Technology Contingency Plan to help prepare for challenges and issues that will inevitably occur. You will also reflect on that process as well as your thoughts on the extensive use of technology in the program.

As you write, think about the audience to whom you are writing and the difference between personal writing and scholarly writing. Your journal writing falls into the category of personal writing and should be approached in that way. Think of the Journal as an academic reflection space.


  • View the  Creating a Technology Backup Plan video (Walden University, 2015), provided in this week’s Learning Resources. – See transcript attached
  • Access the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet – See attached Word document
  • Review the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet. While you are not required to submit this worksheet, it will help to inform your reflection in the Journal Assignment.


  1. Submit a minimum 200-word Journal Assignment. Journal about the process of completing the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet and how it may have started you thinking about preparing for technology issues. Reflect on how you might avoid issues and challenges with regards to technology.

Assignment 1: Technology Contingency Plan

Learning online will put you into contact with a number of new technologies. Some of the tools that you will use will be easy to understand and even fun to engage with, but you may also encounter technology that you find frustrating. Technology can and does enhance learning, and technology also can cause many distractions. In this Assignment, you will view the Creating a Technology Backup Plan media located in this week’s Learning Resources and complete the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet.

To prepare

  • View the Creating a Technology Backup Plan video (Laureate Education, 2014), provided in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • View the Assignment 1 Rubric to guide you in completing your Assignment.
  • Access the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet in this week’s resources.

Assignment Directions

  • Complete the Technology Contingency Plan worksheet.

By Day 7

Submit your Technology Contingency Plan worksheet.

Submission and Grading Information

To submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following:

  • Please save your Assignment using the naming convention “WK1Assgn1+last name+first initial.(extension)” as the name. NURS 3100 3101 Assignment 1: Technology Contingency Plan
  • Click the Week 1 Assignment 1 Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Assignment.
  • Click the Week 1 Assignment 1 link. You will also be able to “View Rubric” for grading criteria from this area.
  • Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as “WK1Assgn1+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open.
  • If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database.
  • Click on the Submit button to complete your submission. NURS 3100 3101 Assignment 1: Technology Contingency Plan

NURS 3100/3101 Issues and Trends

Week 1 Assignment 1 Technology Contingency Plan

( © 2019 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 1 of 3 )

NURS 3100: Technology Contingency Plan Form

Student Name:


Instructor Name:

Element 1: Walden Website Addresses

Walden website address:

Website address for accessing online courses (at Walden, this is through your myWalden portal page):

Element 2: Two Alternative Computers

Alternative Computer 1



Alternative Computer 2



Element 3: File Backup System

I will backup files to this item or device: –

Element 4: File Backup Schedule

I will backup files on this day each week:

Element 5: Technology Support Services

Student Support Team E-mail:

Student Support Phone:

Student Support Hours:

Element 6: Instructor Contact Information





Time zone:

Element 7: Classmate 1 Backup




Time zone:

Element 8: Classmate 2 Backup




Time zone:



7/11/23, 8:52 PM Week 1: Learning Resources: Issues/Trends in Nursing-Summer 2023 1/6

MALE SPEAKER: If my computer were to crash,

00:10 I really don’t have the best backup plan.

00:13 FEMALE SPEAKER: First, I did not have a backup plan

00:15 because I didn’t really think I needed one.

00:20 FEMALE SPEAKER: No, my husband does all that stuff.

00:23 FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t really have a backup plan right now,

00:26 but I probably should get one.

00:28 MALE SPEAKER: The backup plan for when technology breaks down

00:30 is to simply cry, grab the box of Kleenex, and just cry.

00:34 Now, you always have to plan for the inevitable,

00:36 because it will happen.

00:38 DEBRA TAVARRES: I was working on a paper.

00:40 And of course, I was down to the deadline.

00:43 That really a bad thing to do.

00:44 But all of a sudden, I hit something,

00:48 and it wiped out my paper completely.

00:51 I think I almost cried.

00:52 I called my daughter, I said, how

00:54 do I get it back, how do I get it back?

00:55 She said, I’m not there, I don’t know.

00:58 I said, you mean I’ve got to do it all over again,

01:00 She says, every 15 minutes, you should have saved it,

7/11/23, 8:52 PM Week 1: Learning Resources: Issues/Trends in Nursing-Summer 2023 2/6


01:03 So I’ve learned now to save, save, save, save

01:06 and even I’ll print out and save it again.

01:09 So I have it hard, I have it every

01:11 which way is imaginable so that won’t happen to me again.

01:15 TEMEKA JOHNSON: One bad experience

01:17 that I have encountered during my online learning

01:21 is my computer completely crashed.

01:23 And I ultimately had to purchase a new computer.

01:26 I couldn’t salvage the hard drive.

01:31 So from that alone, I learned to save my information

01:36 to a jump drive.

01:37 I now have a laptop and a desktop.

01:41 And my information is not only on the jump drive,

01:43 but it’s saved to my laptop as well as my desktop.

01:46 I also have other family members who have computers,

01:50 as well, just in case my crashed.

01:52 BRYANNE DADE: I have everything on my hard drive.

01:54 And I save everything, every discussion post,

01:58 very important.

01:59 They say always to copy and paste,

02:01 so you always have your work.

7/11/23, 8:52 PM Week 1: Learning Resources: Issues/Trends in Nursing-Summer 2023 3/6

02:04 As far as having anything happen,

02:06 I’ve had the electricity go out in the middle of a paper.

02:09 I have my computer set to constantly saving.

02:13 ARLISSA WILLIAMS: I would tell everyone,

02:15 backup plan is very important.

02:19 For me, you have to make sure you

02:20 have another computer that’s available,

02:23 that you back up your school work.

02:25 I had one incident where I had a PowerPoint presentation.

02:29 I spent hours on this thing.

02:31 It was beautiful.

02:33 My computer broke.

02:35 It was awful.

02:36 I had uploaded it, so it wasn’t the final version.

02:40 But it wasn’t no version at all, which made it wonderful.

02:45 So I really say, back up your system.

02:49 If your computer breaks, there’s always a library.

02:52 But maybe your friend’s house, or get to know your neighbor.

02:55 I have a neighbor that, I’m like, my internet is down.

02:58 Can I use yours?

02:59 And that really helps out, because in an online system,

03:02 just like you can’t say, I can’t turn in my homework

7/11/23, 8:52 PM Week 1: Learning Resources: Issues/Trends in Nursing-Summer 2023 4/6

03:05 because my computer crashed, you just have to make it happen.

03:08 So having a backup plan makes it a lot easier and a lot less

03:12 stressful to make it happen.

03:14 DAVID KNOX: My backup plan for disaster preparedness

03:17 is to one, back up all my class work on a flash drive.

03:22 I carry a flash drive everywhere I go.

03:24 Also, have two hard drives for backup, one,

03:28 a terabyte hard drive and a 500-megabyte hard drive.

03:31 And hard drives are so cheap these days,

03:33 you get a a terabyte for less than $100.

03:37 So there’s no reason for not backing up.

03:39 MELVA STEPS: And I actually have recently had an opportunity

03:42 where a family emergency came up,

03:44 where I had to leave, where I was actually in New Orleans,

03:47 had to leave to go to Tennessee.

03:50 And if I had not had my external hard drive with me,

03:53 my work would not have gotten completed,

03:55 because my plan was to be back on that Friday

03:57 to get it done by Sunday.

03:59 But going to Tennessee, it would not

04:01 have gotten done if I didn’t have that with me.

7/11/23, 8:52 PM Week 1: Learning Resources: Issues/Trends in Nursing-Summer 2023 5/6

04:03 GLENNICE BRUMFIELD: Being in the dissertation process right now,

04:06 I have learned to back up everything.

04:08 So I back up on my email, I back up on my USB drive,

04:13 I back up on my personal email, work email, everything,

04:18 anything I would suggest, because I’ve

04:21 heard the horror stories of people’s computer crashing

04:25 and that type of thing.

04:27 Thankfully that has not happened to me.

04:29 But in the event, in this process,

04:33 you have to always have a backup plan.

04:37 If it’s nothing more than a USB, I’m

04:39 definitely do that, back it up that way.

04:42 ANDREA BOWERS: I’ve learned through trial and error

04:44 that it’s essential if you’re on a PC

04:47 that you have an excellent antivirus,

04:51 anti-malware software installed on your system.

04:56 The second thing I use as far as backup

04:59 is to make sure that I email to a general account

05:04 like Google or Yahoo every major paper.

05:08 SUSANNAH W. SMITH: I think it’s very important

05:10 to have disaster protectiveness, some sort of

7/11/23, 8:52 PM Week 1: Learning Resources: Issues/Trends in Nursing-Summer 2023 6/6

a backup program.

05:15 And one of the first things that I do when I get into a class

05:19 is find out all the contact information for my instructor.

05:23 That would mean the telephone, the ways that I can access

05:27 this person, as well as having phone numbers and computer

05:31 access that I can use with some other computer.

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