Terms and Conditions

Awesome Reliablepapers.com Terms & Conditions

Our Identity

Reliablepapers.com is an online educational platform that seeks to assist students from any part of the world with their academic tasks. Our customers are given the opportunity of interacting with Independent and Expert Writers who utilize their knowledge and expertise to provide each of our clients with quality custom papers guaranteed to assist them to get higher grades.

Privacy Policy

Reliablepapers.com is committed towards ensuring that the privacy and confidentiality of our Customers is maintained all the times. We completely understand that our clients are worried about the safety of the data that they share with us, as well as that of the papers delivered to them by our writers. As such, you can be assured that the data you share with us remains anonymous, as well as the papers that we deliver to you.

Our writers access to client information is very limited and where it is a Must such as sharing login details, the process is highly guarded and monitored. Moreover, whenever we have a situation where a client has to share their personal information such as login details with a writer, we often assign such papers to our MOST Trusted and reliable writers.

As already mentioned, the papers delivered to our clients are completely guarded against being shared or accessed by any one else forever. In this regard, papers delivered to our clients are NEVER resold nor posted as a sample papers anywhere in the Internet. Basically, we always ensure that our clients receive authentic work “PLAGIARISM FREE” that is custom-written according to the client’s instructions by the company’s pool of professional writers, editors and proofreaders to check for errors.


By placing your order with Reliablepapers.com, it is presumed that the client has fully agreed with the terms specified below in this Disclaimer:

  • While we don’t restrict our client from presenting the papers we deliver to them as their original work, we always affirm that papers written by Reliablepapers.com are meant to be used as a reference for further individual or group research and study purposes only. The student is at liberty to use the content delivered by us as they wish since all our papers are custom-written and therefore always plagiarism-free.
  • Reliablepapers.com requires our clients to share accurate personal and contact details when creating their account with us. The company will therefore not bear any responsibility for clients who opt to share invalid personal and contact details. Invalid client details can deter proper communication leading to mishaps such as delays in completing the order. In such cases, Reliablepapers.com and the assigned expert writer are not liable.
  • In some instances, an already paid order can be canceled by the company due to various reasons. In such instances, Reliablepapers.com retains the right to go ahead and cancel the order/s. However, the client will be availed with their full refund amount and informed accordingly.
  • Clients are advised to clearly indicate immediately if they want their paper to use specific sources. Where no such information is provided, the writer shall be at liberty to use any available academic and scholarly source/s to complete the task. In this regard, such requests needs to be provided on time, and any such delay would definitely result in a delay on the delivery time for the order.
  • Clients are also advised that papers will only be written as per their initial instructions provided when creating the order/s. Where a client finds that the paper delivered to them has not met their stipulated instructions; the client has the right to demand for it to be revised for FREE. Unlike many other writing companies, our company offers no limits to the number of revisions that a client can request as long as they are within acceptable ranges.
  • Whenever a customer is not satisfied with the paper submitted by our writers and feels that a refund is what they want, our support and editing team shall initiate investigations into the matter and if indeed it is proven that the said paper is of poor quality, the client will be legible for a refund of full or partial amount. However, this rule will ONLY be applicable for cases that have been lodged within seventy-two (72) hours upon completion of the order.
  • If for any reasons, a client experiences technical hitches and delays that are caused by their Internet Service provider or electronic mail server, Reliablepapers.com cannot be held liable for any delays that may arise.
  • Clients are expected to download the papers uploaded to their accounts or sent on their emails on time. Where a client fails to do so, Reliablepapers.com cannot be held liable since the order was already delivered on time.
  • Reliablepapers.com expects all our clients to take personal responsibility in ensuring that they are able to access the website any time of the day. Such includes also checking their spam folders in their emails just in case our messages maybe filtered as spam.
  • Reliablepapers.com has ensured that the billing information and security of the cards from our customers is protected from any form of online fraud activities. All transactions have been secured with SSL protocol that ensures card details and all other sensitive data is securely protected.
  • Reliablepapers.com prohibits use of an unauthorized or a stolen credit card and whenever such activities get noticed from any of our users, the company immediately reports the user to law enforcement agencies for further investigation, and prosecution.

Refund Policy

  • Reliablepapers.com offers to provide a 100% refund to any customer if there was a double charge or duplicate order placement by mistake. In such cases, clients are advised to immediately contact the support team to ensure the order is not assigned to any writer within the shortest time possible.
  • Secondly, if a client order fails to be assigned to any of our writers, the client will be granted a 100% refund.
  • A client who opts to cancel their order within the timeframe stipulated by our terms and conditions will be granted a 100% refund.
  • In instances whereby it is proven that the writer overlooked or failed to adhere to the instructions provided by a customer, the client will be granted a partial/full refund.
  • In instances whereby the writer fails to deliver the paper on time and the client says that do not need the paper at the time of delivery the client will be granted a 100% refund.


Reliablepapers.com holds the rights to modify, revise, or change any and or otherwise all provisions highlighted on this Agreement at all Times. Customers are therefore advised to be familiarizing with any changes from time to time. However, all existing customers will automatically be notified whenever there are any amendments on this Agreement.

In case you feel that a section of this Agreement is not clear to you, kindly don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail, chat, WhatsApp or any other appropriate channel.