HSCO 509 Personal Culture and Worldview Paper Example

HSCO 509 Personal Culture and Worldview Paper ExampleHSCO 509 Personal Culture and Worldview Paper Assignment Brief

Assignment Title: Exploring My Cultural Identity and Worldview

Assignment Overview:

This assignment provides an opportunity for students to engage in self-reflection and explore their personal culture and worldview. By understanding and articulating their cultural background and beliefs, students can better appreciate diversity, recognize biases, and identify areas for growth. This assignment aligns with the course’s objective of fostering cultural competence and self-awareness.

Assignment Objectives:

  • Define Culture: Understand the concept of culture as discussed in the course materials, particularly the textbook “Cultural Engagement” by Chatraw and Prior (2019). Relate this understanding to your own cultural background.
  • Explore Faith and Culture: Reflect on your faith beliefs and their significance in your life. Articulate your religious or spiritual worldview, and discuss its impact on your values and interactions with others.
  • Analyze Contemporary Issues: Examine contemporary issues that are culturally salient to you. Choose at least three topics from the course reading (e.g., sexuality, gender roles, immigration, race, etc.) and discuss your personal cultural and worldview beliefs related to these issues. Cite and reference the textbook “Cultural Engagement” to support your analysis.
  • Reflect and Summarize: Conclude your paper with a summary of the key points discussed. Reflect on what you have learned from this assignment and how it has contributed to your self-awareness and understanding of your cultural identity and worldview.

Understanding Assignment Objectives:

  1. Define Culture (20% of paper): In this section, you should provide a comprehensive definition of culture based on the course materials, especially referencing the textbook by Chatraw and Prior (2019). Additionally, apply this definition to describe your own cultural background, emphasizing aspects that are significant to you.
  2. Explore Faith and Culture (20% of paper): Share insights into your faith or spiritual beliefs. Explain the importance of your faith in your life and discuss how it influences your values and interactions with others. Consider referencing relevant scripture or teachings if applicable.
  3. Analyze Contemporary Issues (40% of paper): Select at least three contemporary issues from the course reading that are culturally salient to you. These could include topics like gender roles, immigration, climate change, etc. Provide a thoughtful analysis of your personal beliefs and perspectives on these issues within the context of your cultural background and worldview. Cite “Cultural Engagement” by Chatraw and Prior (2019) to support your analysis.
  4. Reflect and Summarize (20% of paper): In the conclusion section, summarize the main points of your paper and reflect on how this assignment has enhanced your self-awareness and understanding of your cultural identity and worldview. Discuss any insights gained and their significance.

The Student’s Role:

As a student, your role in this assignment is to:

  • Engage critically with course materials, particularly the textbook “Cultural Engagement” by Chatraw and Prior (2019).
  • Reflect on your personal cultural background and religious or spiritual beliefs.
  • Analyze contemporary issues within the context of your cultural identity and worldview.
  • Effectively communicate your thoughts and insights in a well-structured paper following APA professional style standards.
  • Use first-person pronouns as appropriate since this assignment is about your personal culture and worldview.
  • Conclude the paper by summarizing key points and reflecting on your learning experience.


Culture plays a significant role in shaping our beliefs, values, and perspectives. This paper delves into my cultural identity and worldview, aiming to define what culture means, elucidate my Indian cultural background, discuss my Christian faith, and explore contemporary issues that resonate with me. As Chatraw and Prior (2019) assert, understanding our cultural stories and worldviews is essential to fostering inclusivity and recognizing potential biases. This paper embraces the opportunity to self-reflect, articulate my cultural story, and identify areas for personal growth.

Defining Culture

Culture encompasses a broad spectrum of elements, including worldviews, preconceived notions, formal ideas, physical dimensions, and social practices passed down through generations (Chatraw & Prior, 2019). It finds expression in various aspects of society, such as art, beliefs, and everyday customs. Growing up in India, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the richness and diversity of Indian culture. India, with its vast population and myriad traditions, is often described as a mosaic of different cultures that span the subcontinent. The Dharmic religion, including philosophies, arts, music, literature, and architecture, has significantly influenced Indian culture.

One distinctive aspect of Indian culture is the strong emphasis on the joint family system, where extended family members live together and are led by the eldest member, responsible for decision-making and maintaining family harmony. Another notable feature is the practice of arranged marriages, characterized by colorful and meaningful rituals. Greetings hold special significance in Indian culture, with the widely recognized “Namaste” greeting symbolizing respect and humility. India’s 22 languages, diverse music genres, unique festivals like Diwali, and traditional dances contribute to the multifaceted tapestry of my culture.

Faith and Culture

As a Christian, my faith is deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and a belief in the existence of God. While I hold steadfast to my Christian beliefs, I also recognize and respect the autonomy of individuals to hold their own faiths and convictions. The Bible serves as a guiding source in my life, offering wisdom and solace during challenging times. One particular verse that resonates with me is Matthew 17:20, where Jesus emphasizes the power of even the smallest faith, capable of moving mountains and achieving the seemingly impossible.

My faith is of paramount importance to me, providing a sense of purpose, hope, and strength. In times of uncertainty, I find reassurance in biblical verses that encourage believers not to be anxious but to entrust their burdens to a higher power. The book of Thessalonians, which promises a future of unmeasurable joy despite present suffering, serves as a beacon of hope during difficult moments. My Christian faith has shaped my values, morals, and interactions with others, promoting love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Contemporary Issues

Within the context of my culture and worldview, several contemporary issues resonate strongly with me, reflecting the dynamic nature of society. Three significant issues that demand attention are gender discrimination, the dowry system, and substance abuse.

Gender discrimination remains a pervasive issue in India, affecting women’s access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. The preference for male offspring has led to the tragic phenomenon of female feticide. Although efforts are being made to address this problem, there is much work to be done to achieve gender equality.

The dowry system, deeply rooted in Indian culture, poses challenges to women’s rights and well-being. Despite the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, dowry-related violence persists. However, there is a growing movement of women advocating against this practice and striving for change.

Substance abuse, particularly among the youth, has become a pressing concern in India. Factors such as peer pressure, unemployment, and poverty contribute to the increasing addiction to liquor, tobacco, and drugs. This issue not only harms individuals but also leads to rising crime rates.

Communalism, driven by religious differences, has created tensions and conflicts among different communities in India, resulting in tragic riots and loss of lives. This divisive mindset poses a significant challenge to the nation’s unity and democratic values.


In this exploration of my cultural identity and worldview, I have defined culture as a complex interplay of worldviews, traditions, and beliefs, rooted in both inherited and socially constructed elements. My Indian culture, with its diverse traditions and rich heritage, has significantly shaped my identity. As a Christian, my faith plays a central role in guiding my values and providing a source of strength and hope.

Contemporary issues within my culture and society, such as gender discrimination, the dowry system, substance abuse, and communalism, serve as reminders of the work that remains to be done in promoting equality, justice, and unity. This paper has been a valuable opportunity for self-reflection, highlighting areas where personal growth and advocacy are essential.

Ultimately, it is essential to remember that beneath our cultural identities and worldviews, we are all human beings, and our shared humanity should unite us in the pursuit of a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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