NURS 4105 HP4001 Module 3 Pre-Assessment Analysis: Ethics and Social Justice in Policy Making Discussion Nursing Essay

NURS 4105 HP4001 Module 3 Pre-Assessment Analysis: Ethics and Social Justice in Policy Making DiscussionNURS 4105 HP4001 Module 3 Pre-Assessment Analysis: Ethics and Social Justice in Policy Making Discussion

Course: NURS 4105 – Advocacy Through Healthcare Policy

NURS 4105 HP4001 Module 3 Pre-Assessment Analysis: Prompt 1: Ethical Principles in Policy Practices

Key Concept from the Nurses Code of Ethics

Every day, nurses apply ethical principles in each step of the policy process as they follow the best evidence-based practice guidelines available. Nurses’ policy practices are driven by caring, respect, openness, and honesty. Analyze one key concept in the Nurses Code of Ethics that nurses can utilize while involved in healthcare policy activities.

Provision 3: Advocacy for Patient Rights, Health, and Safety

Provision 3 of the Nurses Code of Ethics is a crucial concept that nurses can employ when participating in healthcare policy endeavors. The nurse assumes the responsibility of promoting, advocating for, and safeguarding the patient’s rights, health, and safety. The specifics of this provision play a crucial role in the formulation and modification of healthcare policies. It is imperative to consistently prioritize the welfare of the patient.

Provision 3 of the Nurses Code of Ethics states that nurses have a responsibility to promote, advocate for, and protect the rights, health, and safety of patients (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2015). This provision is essential in healthcare policy activities as it ensures that nurses remain patient-centered in their policy-making efforts. Nurses bring their firsthand experiences and understanding of patient care to the table, which is crucial for formulating policies that truly meet patient needs.

Role in Policy Process

  1. Promotion: Nurses use their knowledge and experience to influence healthcare policies that promote better health outcomes. By participating in policy discussions and committees, nurses ensure that the patient’s voice is heard and considered in policy formulation (ANA, 2015).
  2. Advocacy: Nurses advocate for patient rights by pushing for policies that protect patient privacy, ensure informed consent, and promote access to care. They work to dismantle barriers to healthcare, such as discrimination and socio-economic factors, ensuring equitable treatment for all patients (ANA, 2015).
  3. Protection: Nurses play a crucial role in safeguarding patient safety by advocating for policies that maintain high standards of care, ensure adequate staffing levels, and promote safe working conditions. They contribute to policies that prevent medical errors and enhance patient safety protocols (ANA, 2015).

By adhering to Provision 3, nurses ensure that healthcare policies remain focused on patient welfare, thus enhancing the overall quality and safety of the healthcare system.

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NURS 4105 HP4001 Module 3 Pre-Assessment Analysis: Prompt 2: Nurses’ Social Contract and Policy Involvement

The essence of the nursing profession is both valued within a society and uniquely accountable to that society. This is considered to be the profession’s social contract. Using the American Nursing Association website, first identify a current healthcare policy that nurses are involved in at the local, state, or national level. Second, using Fowler’s Guide to Nursing’s Social Policy Statement: Understanding the Profession from Social Contract to Social Covenant, pp. 19-20, analyze how the nurses’ social contract is being upheld within that policy.

Selected Policy: ANA Policy on Care Coordination and the Role of Registered Nurses

Policy Overview

The ANA policy on care coordination emphasizes the critical role registered nurses play in coordinating patient care across various settings. It advocates for recognizing the professional standard of patient-centered care coordination and ensuring nurses are appropriately compensated for their contributions (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2012).

Nurses’ Social Contract and Care Coordination

Social Contract Elements:

  • Responsibility to Society: The nursing profession is committed to serving society by ensuring the health and well-being of individuals. This social contract involves a mutual understanding where society values the nursing profession, and nurses uphold their duties by providing high-quality care and advocating for patient needs (Fowler, 2015).
  • Accountability: Nurses are accountable to society for maintaining professional standards and ethical practices. This involves continual education, adherence to best practices, and active participation in policy-making to enhance healthcare systems (Fowler, 2015).

Analysis of the Social Contract in the Policy Context

  • Holistic Care Approach: The policy emphasizes the holistic care approach, which aligns with the nurses’ social contract by ensuring that care is patient-centered and considers all aspects of a patient’s well-being. Nurses coordinate with various healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care, reflecting their commitment to society’s health needs (ANA, 2012).
  • Advocacy for Fair Compensation: The policy advocates for equitable compensation for nurses, acknowledging their essential role in care coordination. This aligns with the social contract by recognizing the value nurses bring to the healthcare system and ensuring they are rewarded fairly, which in turn, sustains their ability to serve society effectively (ANA, 2012).
  • Ensuring Quality and Safety: The policy’s focus on using evidence-based care coordination measures ensures high standards of care. Nurses’ involvement in developing and implementing these measures ensures that patient safety and quality of care are prioritized, upholding the profession’s accountability to society (ANA, 2012).
  • Professional Development: The policy encourages the continuous evaluation and communication of nurses’ contributions to care coordination. This supports the social contract by promoting professional growth and ensuring that nurses are equipped to meet evolving healthcare challenges (ANA, 2012).

By supporting the ANA Policy on Care Coordination, nurses fulfill their social contract by enhancing patient care quality, advocating for their professional role, and ensuring that healthcare policies are designed with the patient’s best interest in mind. This policy exemplifies how nurses uphold their responsibilities to society while striving for professional integrity and excellence in healthcare delivery.


American Nurses Association. (2012). Care coordination and the role of the registered nurse.

American Nurses Association. (2015). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements.

Fowler, M. D. M. (2015). Guide to nursing’s social policy statement: Understanding the profession from social contract to social covenant. American Nurses Association.

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