A good example of an argumentative essay would contain the following:

A thesis statement that is succinct, precise, and well-defined

A thesis statement is located at the beginning of an argumentative essay. The writer should inform the audience of the subject to be covered. Following that, explain why the subject is significant, why readers should spend time reading the essay, and what they hope to gain. Finally, formulate a thesis statement. A strong thesis statement is one that adheres to a specific scope. Make your thesis statement succinct and straightforward. Your viewers will comprehend a specific thesis more readily than a broad one.

Transitional sentences between the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs

Transitions serve as the glue that holds an essay together. Using transitions throughout an article ensures a continuous flow from the opening to the end. Transitions are also employed to indicate to the reader where the story ends and where it begins. They summarize an idea and direct readers to the following paragraph. By obtaining a sample of an argumentative essay, a student can better comprehend the use of transitions.

Body paragraphs that are backed up by substantial evidence

An argumentative essay should be backed up by compelling evidence. Each paragraph should contain a single point of contention. The presentation of a single concept within a paragraph assists readers in comprehending your writing. Each point should be backed up by substantial proof. Extend your explanation of the evidence by stating why you chose it. Additionally, you can bolster your argument with figures and quotes. Bear in mind that you must justify your views. Utilize solid evidence to accomplish this. Examine sample argumentative essays from Reliablepapers.com and note the manner in which evidence is presented.

A compelling conclusion

A typical conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes the points mentioned previously. An excellent argumentative essay concludes with a rebuttal to the evidence presented. In your conclusion, avoid adding new material; instead, summarize what you have already mentioned. Restate your thesis and provide a synopsis of the points you made. Continue by making a recommendation for additional research on the controversial topic you just discussed.

Outline for an argumentative essay: EXAMPLES OF ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS

An outline will help you maintain a logical sequence throughout the writing process.


  1. Athletics as a sport
  2. Different sports have distinct definitions
    1. Active sports
  • Athletics, football, rugby, hockey, baseball
    1. Inactive sports
  • Cheerleading, badminton, and others
  1. Athletics as a sport
    1. It is competitive throughout the world
    2. The special season has been set aside for Olympics
  2. Cheerleading as a sport
    1. Considered a sport because it requires training
  3. Conclusion
    1. Restate of thesis
    2. Athletics as the best sport
    3. Recommendation

The above might be used as an example of an argumentative essay outline. It is a simple help for students who struggle with writing an outline. Reliablepapers.com features a large collection of argumentative essay samples that are organized in a logical manner. Argumentative essay samples essentially serve as a guide for students while they write their own papers. Samples are the tools that facilitate the entire writing process.


  • People gain weight while they diet.
  • Individuals become obese due to stress.
  • People have become excessively reliant on technology Cell phones have fundamentally altered the social fabric.
  • Students should not be penalized for attending nightclubs.
  • A university’s primary aim is to train students for the workforce of the future.
  • Only vehicle accident victims are eligible for plastic surgery.
  • Priests to be granted the right to marry
  • Teens should be permitted to use contraceptives.
  • Teachers have no authority to inspect students’ lockers.
  • Teachers should be permitted to carry firearms for self-defense.
  • Grades do not always accurately reflect intelligence or effort.
  • The internet’s accessibility to information has done more harm than benefit.
  • Governments should exercise population control.
  • The legalization of gambling should be pursued.
  • Everyone is aberrant; the degree to which they are abnormal varies.
  • Respect for senior folks is necessary.
  • Fast food is necessary for today’s first life.
  • Consuming meat is beneficial to our bodies.


The United States of America does not provide free education to pupils, at least at the secondary level. Much has been said about rising debt levels. Some have even advocated for universal free education. This would be a grave error. It would erode many people’s personal freedoms, degrade quality, and convey the wrong message to pupils. Why? This essay will explain.

To begin, education must be paid for. It is physically impossible to provide a high-quality education for free. Someone has to bear the cost. If students are not meeting their commitments, taxpayers are already footing the bill for the considerable grants and scholarships granted to students each year. It is unjust to impose this responsibility on the broader population for a decision that is fully up to the individual.

Making education free would require additional funding. The government’s only options would be to increase taxes or eliminate services elsewhere. Cuts to other critical services are no more justifiable than making students pay for education. It does not resolve the issue; it only shifts it to another segment of the population.

Increasing taxes to fund education erodes individual liberties. Economic liberty is inextricably linked to personal liberty. By reducing discretionary income through increased taxes, the government limits the options open to families across the country. Arguably, it is self-serving to do so simply because a member of a minority group chooses to pursue higher education.

Some may argue that making education free will increase the number of students enrolled in colleges and universities. This is not true. While education is no longer free, this does not mean that people are barred from pursuing higher education. Grants honoring academic accomplishments are already available to the brightest pupils. Additionally, the great majority of students are already eligible for student loans to cover tuition and living expenses. Even without a free tuition system, there are no hurdles to students accessing higher education.

Lenders are substantially more forgiving under the current student loan structure, and repayments are far lower than with a conventional loan. The approach already enables students to advance their careers before they begin repaying large amounts.

Reduced fees would also make it more difficult to maintain an acceptable level of education in schools and universities. If these schools are unable to profit from their student fees, they can merely cover their operating expenditures. They are unable to invest in themselves or raise standards. This would only serve to further erode the nation’s higher education infrastructure and make the country less appealing to international students.

In general, it is critical to instill in pupils an understanding that they have obligations and that it is their responsibility to fulfill those tasks. It is immoral to burden the general people with the burdens of others. Reduced fees would benefit students who are not responsible for their own education, but would result in a general reduction in the facilities where they study.

EXAMPLES OF ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS #2: Students should be allowed to bring their smartphones to class.

Your smartphone is now a fully functional computer because of advances in technology. The usage of laptops, PCs, and ipads in the classroom is becoming more common. Many parents do not want their children to utilize technology in class because they fear that their children will use their smartphones to send text messages, play games, and stay hooked on the social media. It is our goal in this essay to answer the topic, “Should school kids have the right to use smartphones?”

It’s already common practice for students to use laptops and ipads in class to help them learn. Many teachers currently use projectors linked to laptops to illustrate how to complete an assignment. A smartphone is permitted to be used during class to complete any work or take notes if you are a student in a higher education institution, such as college. However, using a smartphone in class is prohibited in high school. This means that students in high school and middle school should have the same level of access to cellphones as those in college. If you’re going to use your phone, you’re going to have to follow some regulations.

It is our belief that cellphones can be used in the classroom to help students learn more. Students can benefit from using smartphones in the classroom since they can get immediate access to information about their courses. Teachers no longer have to use their projectors or print out the information for their students. It is possible to share a Google document with the students, and the students can access it from their mobile devices, such as their phones. Using this system, students will be able to access all of the material they learn on a daily basis.

Many students use their phones in class to record lectures, take photos of powerpoints, and take notes. The problem is that you need to get your professor’s permission before you can take any images or recordings. Students photograph lectures and then record the class for future reference. When kids need to study later, this will be helpful. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that college classes involve students who must pass the class, whereas high school classes are more of a decision for the kids to make. Because of this, the reasons for using smartphones in high school and college are both distinct.

A large number of parents and teachers oppose the usage of smartphones in their schools. We understand where they’re coming from, but that doesn’t mean that students should be barred from using their iPhones in the classroom. If you’re a student in a math class, for example, you can use your smartphone as a calculator. It’s cheaper and more convenient for a student to use their phone as a calculator than a traditional one. In addition, students will be able to access their online courses and follow the lecture using PowerPoint. Finally, students can use their phones to snap photos of PowerPoint slides and take notes. If they were taught how to take notes, it would be a lot easier for them.

We feel that smartphones should be used in schools because of the developments in technology. Instant access to any and all information is provided by them. It goes without saying that they can’t be utilized in any way that could be interpreted as cheating. Because of this, they should only be utilized during the lecture. The ability to access the lecture afterward and review materials would be a boon for students who want to get an A in the class, and it would make taking notes in class a breeze.

EXAMPLES OF ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS #3: Is Smoking Preventable by Illegalizing Tobacco?

Smokes, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco all include tobacco. Cigarette smoking has now been proven to be a dangerous drug that harms the human body. Additionally, it has a severe impact on the liver and brain, resulting in lung failure. Even though they’ve been taught smoking is unhealthy for them, many people continue to smoke. To what extent would you prefer to ban tobacco and make smoking illegal? Is it even possible to help the smoking population by making tobacco goods illegal? Is it possible that it would deter young people from smoking?

The problem is that there are still so many individuals smoking. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the number of persons smoking. It is hoped that fewer people will have access to tobacco and tobacco-related items as a result of a ban on smoking. Everything you need to buy a pack of cigarettes can be found in a store near you. As well as supermarkets, convenience stores, and even gas stations. Cigarettes can be purchased online and at designated cigarette stores. They can be found all over the planet. It is believed that millions of dollars are spent daily on the purchase of cigarettes and other tobacco-related products.

In our view, even if tobacco is made legal, illegal persons will still be able to get their hands on it and light up. It doesn’t matter whether a product is banned indefinitely if it doesn’t benefit those who have already tried it. Consider the number of individuals who would require rehabilitation as a result of cigarette withdrawal symptoms. It’s possible for a heavy user to go into withdrawal and perhaps die if they don’t get enough. As a result of the drug prohibition, the population that relies on the drug will be harmed.

Chewing tobacco or smoking cigars or cigarettes is one way to consume tobacco, which is also found in a variety of other medications. The skin, lungs, liver, and kidneys have been found to be adversely affected by tobacco use. It also affects your brain cells and can lead to lung difficulties as a result of the toxic effects. Consider quitting smoking if you wish to avoid respiratory failure. Taking medicine with this many side effects on a regular basis should be avoided at all costs. It’s not uncommon for people to smoke more than one cigarette per day; in certain circumstances, it might be as many as two.

Consider something extremely similar that occurred over a century ago. People continued to use alcohol despite the ban. Rather, it may have fueled unlawful activities because so many speakers began to appear. Eventually, people found new ways to obtain alcohol. In the event that tobacco was banned, individuals would still find a method to make it illegal. One drug war is enough; we don’t need another one because the United States has decided to prohibit cigarettes.

Tobacco prohibition will not deter people from smoking, as you can see. Even if the substance is outlawed, people will still do what they want. Because you don’t want to promote smoking, one way to reduce its use is through education. To reduce the number of people who start smoking, it is important to inform them of the harmful consequences of the drug and the fact that even a single puff can lead to serious health issues down the road. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, including when it comes to smoking. As a result, smoking tobacco should not be restricted or outlawed.


Use reputable sources to support your position in a strong argument. Avoid utilizing or producing fraudulent or fabricated assertions in order to make your claim appear to be on the winning side. When writing an argumentative essay, it’s important to use evidence to back up your claims and contradict your opponent’s arguments as well. Your reader will be more likely to stick with you if you use this tactic. Pick from a list of hot topics that excite a lot of people. Choosing a topic that lacks proof or study is a surefire way to make a weak case. Our argumentative essay example may have helped you understand how to write an argumentative essay better.

As you read the EXAMPLES OF ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS Article, keep in mind that Reliablepapers.com provides academic writing assistance, our experienced essay writers are always available to assist you with your argumentative essays tasks. You can always contact us via different channels available on the website or go ahead and order your essay immediately with us.

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