Compare and contrast the terms product idea, product concept, and product image.

Custom Expert Writer Answer

Product idea: the product idea is the initial stage in the development process of a product. Usually, the research and development team of any company along with its management team, nourishes different ideas of developing the various products and then finally fixes on one particular idea. sources of the product idea can be internal like, by scientists, engineers, designers, sales person etc. Also, the consumer can equally helpful in developing product idea, by giving a clear idea of their demands. Engaging marketing research by a company will be helpful to them while developing a product idea. Product Concept: Product concept is one of the important marketing concepts. It believes that consumers mostly favor those products that offer the high quality level, performance and unique as well as innovative features. Companies which have the faith in product concept, is totally engaged in making quality products and improving them. But sometimes, these don’t help, as new or…..

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