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In academic writing, a well-structured and well-researched paper shows new ideas and theoretical concepts that come from an established philosophical paradigm. This provides a lot of proof and justification for the subject matter.

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Common types of college essay writing help we offer

Critical essay writing service

A critical essay is a form of essay that investigates, comprehends, and assesses a topic. In a critical essay, the writer claims specific topics or ideas to communicate text and backs up the claim with evidence from numerous sources such as the internet and books.

Argumentative essay writing service

Argumentative essays are a great way to persuade others to agree with your point of view or solution. For the most part, an argumentative essay will include:

  • Facts (either verified or unverified).
  • A problem definition.
  • The importance of the subject.
  • A cause-and-effect analysis.
  • Other elements.

Narrative essay writing service

Narrative essays define a topic from the perspective of the author or narrator. Students can express themselves creatively and personally in these writings based on their own life experiences.

Compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay enables students to investigate the similarities and contrasts between two issues. A compare and contrast essay does more than draw attention to differences and similarities, it also uses points to build a well-informed argument regarding a topic.

Expository essay writing service

A five-paragraph expository essay consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. An expository essay is a literary work in which the writer explains, describes, and provides information to the reader.

Descriptive essay writing service

A descriptive essay is a brief piece of writing in which you summarize and describe a topic. You do not need to include responses from others, as you would in an argumentative essay. A descriptive essay should be about one and a half pages long.

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