Business law

1.Andrew has been hired to do some work for Rossi Enterprises. What factors would a court consider in determining if Andrew is an employee or an independent contractor? Name and Discuss at least 5 differences between an employee and independent contractor. Why does the designation matter?

2.Sandy worked for a small printing company. She found a new job that would pay much more. In accordance with company policy, she gave her employer a two-week notice that she would be leaving. Her employer was upset she was quoting, so he terminated her employment immediately, including her pay, Sandy was upset because she thought she had acted properly by giving her employer two weeks notice. Her new employer will not be able to employ her for two weeks. Sandy believes her employer has breached the employment agreement and she should be paid for the two weeks between jobs. Is she right? Explain.

3.Kay Smith was Catherine Wagenseller’s supervisor at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital Wagenseller was an employee-at-will. While on a camping trip with other nurses, Wagenseller refused to join in a parody of the song “ Moon River,”
which concluded with members of the group “mooning” the audience. Prior to the trip, Wagenseller had received consistently favorable job performance evaluations. Six months after the outing, wagenseller was fired. She contends that she was fired for reasons that violated public policy. Should the hospital be able to fire Wagenseller for refusing to moon?

4.Hanson Corparation is concerned that its employees are spending too much work time talking on the telephone, sending e-mails, and using the internet for personal uses. Discuss what steps Hanson may legally pursue to protect its interests in productivity. Your answer’s should include any appropriate Laws/Acts which may apply/

5.DewDrop, Inc. Has laid off 50 workers due to budget constraints. These employees were previously receiving health insurance benefits. What health insurance options are available to these laid-off workers and what criteria, if any, must the employer meet?

6.What are there general defenses an employer can raise if sued for violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act?

7.Sam is a disabled Veteran who is applying for a position in a manufacturing company. Discuss what considerations need to be made when determining what accommodations are “reasonable” for this potentially new hire.

8.When Michelle told her boss that she was pregnant, his first comment was, “Congratulations on your pregnancy. My sister vomited for months.” Then he refused to peak to her for a week. A month later, she was fired. Her boss told her the business was shifting away from her area of expertise. Does Michelle have a valid claim? under what law?

9.Cathy has been Sexually harassed repeatedly by her boss. He has told her recently that if she does not go on a date with her, she will passed over for a promotion. Discuss and define sexual harassment and its major categories. What type of sexual harassment would Cathy’s case fall into and what remedies might she be entitled to?
10.A principal is bound by contracts that an event enters into with authority. Discuss the various types of contractual authority an agent may have?

11.Discuss the requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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