Virgin Australia is the second largest airline in Australia. Covid-19 has devastated the tourism industry domestically and abroad, particularly Virgin Australia, which has resulted in its decision to enter into voluntary administration. Bain Capital has now acquired the business and is looking to improve the airline’s performance.
Create a feasibility report for Bain Capital, the new owners of Virgin Australia. Your report should examine two repositioning strategies to improve stakeholder satisfaction, effectiveness, and competitiveness. Use the stimulus material and some additional research about Virgin Australia and its associated industry to:
● describe the business environment and situation relating to repositioning the business
● explain the business concepts, strategies and processes relating to influences for repositioning Virgin Australia.
● select data and information from the stimulus to analyse the business situation of Virgin Australia using two analytical tools
● interpret relationships, patterns and trends from the analysis to draw conclusions about the implications of repositioning Virgin Australia
● evaluate two repositioning strategies in relation to competitiveness, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction
● make decisions about the most suitable repositioning strategies and propose recommendations
● create a feasibility report using features of the report genre
● cite sources using in-text referencing in the body and provide a source reference list
● sequence and organise ideas, supported by visual representations
● use language conventions to communicate business repositioning strategies.

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