Detailed comparison of your diet analysis nutrient by nutrient to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Being sure to discuss all nutrients, deficiencies or excesses, then utilize reference material to note your risks. You will need to include a minimum of 3 references, with proper citations to support the statements in your essay. It’s best to include ones that tie to deficiencies or excesses noted in your diet.
Write your nutrition plan utilizing the concepts of MyPlate to meet your nutritional needs. Considering balance, variety, and moderation in the adequacy of your diet. Consider your behaviors and what motivates you to eat.
Complete project; You will pull together all 3 parts into one professional project including the Summary and Action Plan Essay, followed by a corrected Food Log and Nutrient Intake Report (this copies best as an image, or a screenshot, into your work). This aids my grading and helps to see the big picture.

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