Part 1 – Narrative Essay
Directions: As a response to one of the texts or the movies we have studied this semester, write a typed
three to four double-spaced page narrative on one of the following topics:
Write about an experience involving you and your sister
Describe an incident that would represent the nature of the relationship between you and a
friend of the opposite sex
Write about a time you stood up to an authority figure of the opposite sex.
Describe an incident from your life that depicts your relationship with one or both of your
Write about an episode that made you understand what it truly means to be a parent
Write about a time when you believe someone else was being unfair to you and how you
dealt with that situation
Write about the loss of someone you truly loved
Write about a time you lied or didn’t disclose the entire truth about a situation to someone
whom you cared about
Write about a time you had a misunderstanding with someone and how you came to a
Part II – Literary Analysis
Directions: After you have finished your narrative essay, write a typed one-page double-spaced analysis
in which you draw a connection between your narrative and any one of the texts we have read or movies
we have viewed this semester. The connection that you explore can involve any aspect of literary study
such as symbolism, narrative structure, foreshadowing, conflict, irony, and/or theme.

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