History of Graphic Design
You will use the documentarie listed below and write a Synopsis Essay about it. You need to also use a minimum of TWO additional external sources from library research (journal articles, books). One of your sources can be our History of Graphic Design Book. Use sources that are written by scholars and or experts on the topic. These external sources can serve to support, enhance and/or reject etc the contents of the film. You may also find a theme, subject, or person from the film that you want to research further— so this is the time to do it.
documentarie link:
In Brands We Trust
I find two articles, but I’m not sure is it suitable for this paper.
One of articles link:
Below are suggestions to use as a guide to help get you started
2 Watch the film and take notes.
3 Follow up with additional library reachand/or use your History of Graphic Design Book. Outside resources could be very useful to compare or contrast.
4 Identify the key points for your Synopsis.
5 Determine the elements to discuss.
6 Create an outline and don’t forget to introduce the paper and be clear about what you will be discussing, evaluate the documentary, write the conclusion.
7 Don’t forget to save all your sources!
8 Be sure to add your images, label them and include your citations.
9 Fine tune.Spellcheck.Have someone proof read for you.

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