why do we do schools

Paper instructions:
Schooling is a large part of life in the United States; but why? Why do we mandate that all children must be enrolled and attend formal school (public, private, or home school) until the age of 16? Pay attention to the title of this assignment. I am interested in why you think we do school – not how. What are the forces (political, cultural, historical, economic, etc.) that are the impetus for doing school?

First Iteration: Due January 23
Please answer this question however you like. Your answer should address the question as it relates to K-12 schooling. You may answer from the perspective of what we publicly state, what you see as the real reason(s) (reasons other than what is publicly stated), and/or a combination of both. Remember, you have a great deal of experience with schools, as you have all successfully navigated your way to this selective institution of higher learning. You may use your personal experiences and perspectives in answering the question, but be sure to remember that your experiences are not universal. You are not required to do any research or cite any sources in answering this question. And finally, remember that the positions you take will not be assessed; how well you articulate the rationale for the various positions you take will be assessed. Make sure you are clear, concise, and that you present your argument in a manner that makes sense. The purpose is not to convince or persuade others to believe what you do; the reader simply needs to understand your perspective, and see it as sensible and being the result of careful deliberation. Your response must be between three and five double-spaced pages.

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