The Existential Approach offers group practitioners a perspective for understanding the value of anxiety and guilt, the role of the meaning of death, and the creative aspects of being alone and choosing for oneself. Which of these key concepts would you want to incorporate as a part of your therapeutic role? Please explain why.
The presence of the leader is a major characteristic of the existential group. Group leaders need to be present as persons with the members and become active agents in the group. What can you do as a group leader to maximize your ability to be present in the groups you lead?
The “givens of existence” include these core themes: death, freedom, existential isolation, and meaningless. To what degree are you inclined to think in terms of these existential themes in your work with groups?
The struggle for a sense of significance and purpose in life, a distinctively human characteristic, is a dominant force in the existential approach.  How would this theme of searching for meaning be a topic you would likely focus on in the groups you lead?

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