1.Which of the following sets of words contain back vowels?
A. on, wing, lastB.basks, tell, moonC looked, potion, promDlip, ladle, bang
2. Which of the following isnota point vowel?A. /æ/B. /u/C. /i/D. /ɝ/
3.Of the following vowels, which one istense?A. /ɪ/B. /u/C. /ʊ/D/ɛ/4.Alaxvowel can be found in:A. heB. whoC. none of these choicesD. see
5.Which of the following words are transcribed with the lax front vowel [ɪ]? Choose allthat apply and remember that that sound can be a monophthongor part of a diphthong.A. fin B. heat C. plane D. hit
6.Which of the following words are transcribed correctly?Choose as many as apply.A. walked [walkt]B. wedged [wɛʤd]C. heaved [hivd]D. dumped [dɑmpt]
7.How would you classify the following set of vowels:i, e, uA. tenseB. unroundedC. front
8.Which of the following words contains a transcriptionerror? Choose as many asapply.A. hat [hat]B. car [car]C. horse [hors]D. page [peʤ]
9.Which set of vowels below represents the back vowels?A. a, ɑ, ɒ,æB. u, ʊ, o, ɔ, ɑC. ʊ, u, o, a
10.Which of the following words have diphthongs?Choose as many as apply.A. chasmB. underC. tightD. urbaneE. bicepF. boughG. toil
11.Select the transcriptions below that are real EnglishwordsA. [juzd]B. [læzɪ]C. [fril]D. [rɑbɚ]E. [sʊp]F. [wond]G. [winz]H. [uzd]I. [spid]J. [zəbra]
12. Every vowel in English has a unique description based on which of the following:Choose as many as apply.A. tongue heightB. velopharyngeal port openingC. vocal fold movementD. lip roundingE. tenseness/laxnessF. tongue advancement
13.In the production of a diphthong which of the followingare true? Choose as many asapply.A. The onglide preceds the offglideB. All English offglides are either [ɪ] or [ʊ]C. The onglide has the same tongue advancement asthe offglideD. The onglide is is a higher position than the offglice

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