Part 2 (Final Exam)
You should make any recommended changes or updates you received in part 1 of the assignment submit both part 1 and 2 as one cohesive paper.
Failure to address feedback received in your midterm will result in a reduced score.
Your paper should have the following information:
Total points possible = 25
Paper includes part 1 (1 point possible)
Student made updates based on feedback received (3 points possible)
Virtualization (5 points possible)
Describe how virtualization works and what software you will require
Describe the technique(s) you will use for virtualization (example: Full, para, hardware assisted)
Describe the type(s) of virtualization you will deploy (data, desktop, CPU, etc.) and why these are needed
Cloud Computing Applications (5 points possible)
Identify and describe at least 3 cloud applications you will utilize (example mail, dropbox, etc.)
Usage Monitoring (3 points possible)
Identify and describe the tool(s) you will utilize to monitor and management storage and capacity (example: Amazon CloudWatch, PCMONS, etc.)
What service level agreements will you require the cloud provider adhere to? Why?
Security and Privacy (7 points possible)
List and describe at least 3 security/privacy concerns
Describe what techniques/tools you will use to mitigate these concerns (e.g. defense mechanisms)
Conclusion (1 point possible)
Summarize why the cloud is the best choice

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