Choose one of the following topics and write a 600-word essay in response: A. In today’s world, many people and countries are divided by firmly held beliefs, whether they are religious. ,I,iil B. The tragedy of dying young is one of the most common topics in literature in all forms. What roles does the ethical, moral or societal. How does Moral Relativism play a part in today’s world? Provide examples of current textbook The Art of Being Human. conflicts and analyze how relativism plays a part. Support your view by citing specific examples from the humanities, particularly literature, play in helping us understand tragedy? How are these poems/songs similar and how are they different? Describe the perspective of the speakers and setting of the poems. If tragic death .:t has universal appeal„efiect on recent brought777z,,,,,. „„,,,,,,,,:i.,,,,,,„,,,,,,,,,,,, humanities?

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