This short exercise will help you in completing the fourth assessment. In this exercise, you’ll consider possible solutions to a patient, family, or population health problem, as well as potential interventions and measures of success.Now that Simon has a better understanding of why several of his clients with comorbid conditions of CHF and COPD have been visiting the ED more frequently and readmitted to the hospital within 10 to 20 days of discharge, he wants to propose a number of solutions to help reduce the ED visits and rehospitalizations.He realizes the impact of high readmission rates on patient safety, quality of care,and organizational operations. These solutions are designed to address medication management, symptom control, disease self-management, community support, lack of transportation, and access to care.Use your creativity and the information uncovered in Assessments 1, 2, and 3 to respond to the following questions.
There are no right or wrong responses.
What possible solutions could Simon propose?
Your answer:N/A.
Why would these interventions be helpful?
Your answer:N/A.
How would Simon measure success?

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