2. CHARACTERIZATION: What makes Willy Loman a distinctly American tragic hero? What is his tragic flaw? Compare Willy Loman with another tragic figure from Greek literature (i.e. Creon, Oedipus, or even Odysseus), Shakespearean tragedy (i.e. Macbeth or Romeo & Juliet), or possibly American literature (i.e. Dimmesdale, Gatsby, the man in “To Build a Fire”, etc.) and discuss what the contrast suggests about the American identity.
4. NARRATOR/STYLE: Discuss the evolution of style and voice in American literature—from Hawthorne’s ornate romanticism, to Twain’s realism and use of the vernacular, to the unreliable narration of modern authors like Fitzgerald and Hemingway, and beyond. What might this evolution reveal about American history and culture?

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