What is your sex? This can be genetic, or assigned at birth. Are/were you comfortable with it?
What is your Gender Identity? Why do/did you choose this? DO you feel that you chose it, or that it chose you (that it really was not a choice)? When in your life did you know or realize this was your gender? Have you ever encountered any resistance to this? (there are a whole lot of words, descriptions, labels that you can use as gender identity/expression, not just what is on the Unicorn!)
What is your Gender Expression? How do you outwardly express what your Gender Identity is? In any or all of: dress, look, communication, body language, behavior, attitude, etc? Has it changed from the past? Does it fluctuate today?
And lastly, what is your One Big Takeaway that you have learned from this class? What is the information that you have gained here that has resounded with you, that you will remember and carry with you into the future? Elaborate on this as you wish

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