Hotel Choices: The Roosevelt Hotel or The Bourbon Orleans
Your assignment is to write a paper addressing the following questions (numbers 2 – 6 below) on this historical New Orleans hotel. Your paper must be at least two full pages (which means that it spills onto another page). Below are the areas that you should focus on, include the suggested length of each area. If you follow my advice and do the suggested paragraphs, and paragraph lengths, you should definitely surpass the two page MINIMUM for the paper.
1. Introduction of paper – (one paragraph to introduce topic, describe the location of property, and to set the tone of the paper)
2. The hotel has a long history in New Orleans, what is something from its history that you would use as a selling point for this hotel? Be thorough. (suggested 1 – 2 complete paragraphs for the hotel’s history)
3. Identify the features of the hotel and describe how they benefit the guests. Be specific and thorough. (Suggested 2 – 3 complete paragraphs for the features of the hotel. Set the tone of the hotel by using descriptive words).
4. What is unique about this hotel that other hotels in the city don’t have? (Suggested 1 – 2 paragraphs about a unique feature that no other hotel in the city has).
5. Identify 3 negative aspects of this hotel when trying to sell it and explain why. Be thorough. (Suggested 3 complete paragraphs identifying and describing the negative aspects of the hotel)
6. What is the largest sized group that can hold a meeting and eat in the hotel and why? What types of meeting space is available? (suggested 2 – 3 complete paragraphs identifying the types of groups that can be held, the special event spaces, and even perhaps the types of food and beverage that may be used in the hotel space).
7. Closing paragraph to recap what has been discussed in the paper (Suggested 1 full paragraph).
8. On another page, your sources (suggested use of 5 – 8 sources) should be present on the immediate page after the closing paragraph.
This paper should represent students’ original work, in business third person writing, with no first person in the paper at all. It is never appropriate to copy written work for another source, whether a web site, student paper or book. Plagiarism is never acceptable. Your paper must be free and clear of plagiarism via Turnitin.
The format for this assignment will use is MLA style, and students must use in-text citations throughout your paper. Each piece of information gathered from outside sources and used must be cited within the paper in the appropriate format. The Works Cited page must also follow MLA style formatting, regardless of what sources were secured for information. Students must watch the MLA videos, which cover a good majority of questions, concerns, and formatting for the paper. Because the videos are available as well as Purdue’s OWL for MLA formatting, there is no excuse for inappropriate formatting, inappropriate citations, lack of intext citations, and inappropriate formatting for your paper.
This paper is to be at minimum two pages in length typed, MLA-formatted, double spaced, with the works cited after the paper on another sheet of paper and photos in the same document behind the works cited. Any paper turned in without an appropriate heading (include name, date, semester, year and title) will be subject to a reduction in points. Just because the minimum is set at two pages, most works should extend to a third or even a fourth page. Very few students are able to present all of the content in a creative and insightful manner in just two pages, although some have been able to do so.

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