What is the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in the long term, on children that present with anger management issues?

This assignment will require you to seek and utilize appropriate outside resources beyond the materials used in class.  Papers must utilize empirical, scholarly resources to support the original discussion of the paper – not replace it.  Correct APA citation format must be used both in the body of the paper and in the references section.  Unless the reference is a seminal work, all references must be no older than 5 years.  A minimum of 10 references are required for this assignment.  No more than 1/3 of the total references cited can be books.  If you do the minimum number of references, then there should be no more than 3 books listed in the references section.  Again, unless a seminal work is being used, all references must be no older than 5 years (nothing older than a publication date of 2008).

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