This writing sample (the essay) will be scored on content and format.
When you write your essay, you need to consider the following questions.
• Why do you want to be a surgical technologist?
• How does this relate to your professional goals?
• Why did you select CCBC for your training?
• What impact do you hope to have, or what do you want to give back to the community?
• What personal experiences have you had that contributes to your desire to be a medical assistant?
The essay must be 300-500 words in length, double spaced, using 12 point font. Applicants should submit well written and well structured essays that include proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
Essays must be submitted as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf document. The file name must be applicants last name first initial_essay. For example, Jane Doe would submit the file: DoeJ_essay.
The essay may only be submitted once, so please be sure that it is exactly as you intend before attaching it.

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