Select ONE of the articles below from IVP’s Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels:
• Matthew • Old Testament in the Gospels • Midrash • Discipleship • Table Fellowship • Sermon on the Mount/Plain
And select ONE of the prompt questions below: • List and describe two or three structural features that are evident in Matthew’s Gospel. What dies this say about the author and his purpose? • Who are the main characters in Matthew’s genealogy and why? • What are two apparent contradictions surrounding Jesus’ teaching about the law? How would you resolve this difficulty?
First, select and read ONE of the assigned articles above from IVP’s Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. In a developed paragraph, present to the class two or three interesting and valuable pieces of information that you learned from the article that you read (so that we can learn collectively). Second, choose and answer ONE of the prompt questions above based on your reading (cite your textbook or outside sources). Write developed paragraphs, incorporating specific detail, 3rd person, and cohesiveness (making sure that each sentence relates to the topic sentence). See the rubric requirements for grading guidelines (total word count for #1 and #2 above is 300 word minimum).
For Replies, respond to one other student’s posts (100 word minimum each). EITHER read over the article the student wrote about and add insight or information which would help the class learn more specifically about the subject, OR respond to the student’s answer to the prompt question he or she selected (students do not have to agree with each other; avoid posts that only praise the author). Aim to add substantively to the discussion.

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