Introduction: Briefly introduce this country, allude to some of the more significant parts of your investigation.
Geography: Include some kind of map, topography information, and major land features and cities.
What are some significant (recent?) historical events that have shaped the current situation in this country?
Model Elements: Governance, policies, and interventions, government expenditures for health care, education, etc.
Physical environment, natural resources, resource use, treaties, protocols, carbon production.
Employment and working conditions, population income, land use, water, food demand.
Individual factors, genetics, fertility, mortality, literacy.
Healthy behaviors, leading causes of mortality, life expectancy, this may turn out to be “unhealthy behaviors”.
Social environment, education infrastructure, funding for social services.
Healthy child development, schooling, cultural practices such as FGM, initiation rites, arranged marriage.
Access to health services, location, cost relative to income, “attended births”, “nationalized health care
Summary, What are the challenges for this country? What are its assets? Priorities in your mind for health and improving health and quality of life for the population?

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