Western Civilization: French Revolution to the Present


This exam is meant to prepare students for the type of questions and the expectations for answers

on the final exam. The midterm consists of two parts: in Part A answer E multiple-choice

questions. In Part B compose and submit a 600-800 word essay to answer E of the questions

given. Remember for the essay portion of the exam, the intent of this exercise is NOT to

construct a research essay but to simulate the type of answer that will fulfill the expectations of

an answer on the final exam, given the time constraints of the final exam (1 hour per essay) – the

midterm will be marked according to those expectations. This will give students an idea of how

to construct study essays to prepare for the final exam – students should, thus, use their lecture

notes and textbooks to construct a direct, succinct essay to answer the question they choose.


Any use of material from on-line summaries within the submitted answer will be

considered plagiarism. In addition, students should not discuss the specifics of their answers

with one another – any answers that too closely match another will make both exams suspect.


Those who choose to complete the midterm must submit it on or before 27 February

2014. This due date is firm and there will be no extensions or late submissions accepted. Those

who choose to not submit the midterm by the due date will have the 10% added to the weight of

the Final Exam.

PART A (1 mark per question; total of 5 marks)

Multiple Choice Questions:

Choose the letter of the choice that best answers each question, then circle that letter on this

question sheet.





1. King Louis XVI convened the Estates General in 1789 in order to:


a. gain support for war against England.


b. gain support for an expedition to put down the rebellion in the colony of Saint




c. raise tax revenues.


d. resolve the question of voting rights for the peasantry.

2. The le’vee en masse, issued in April 1793, was:


a. a military requisition upon the entire French nation.


b. a new tax imposed by Louis XVI.


c. a new public works project to conserve the water of the River Seine.


d. none of the above.


HIST 1207.° Western Civ. -French Rev to Present. – Midterm take-home exam

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