The process of photosynthesis, flow the insturction in the details.

Project description
Assignment 3 – To Tree or Not to Tree
Introduction: There is a twofold purpose to this activity:

1) to apply what you are learning about photosynthesis to a more global issue and
2) to provide a learning experience showing that scientific issues are sometimes more complex and subject to revisions than they may first appear.

Background: The process of Photosynthesis fixes carbon and at the same time removes CO2 from the air. Not all that long ago, encouraging tree planting was considered, at least to some degree, to be an obvious, effective strategy in stemming the rise in CO2 levels and possibly slowing global warming.

More recent research has cast some doubt on this. Some of this recent research has shown that extra trees may eliminate less CO2 than was first estimated. Other studies have shown that the small but significant amounts of methane, produced by growing plants and decaying leaves, may negate any beneficial effects. This is because methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

Instructions: Research the issue of the value (or lack thereof) of planting trees to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. You will need to use both library resources and the Internet. It is important that you sufficiently research both sides of the issue. Then, prepare a short position paper supporting your view. (18 points)

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