The Orpheum Theatre

Paper instructions:

Using what we have learned about semiotics and “decoding,” write a three to five page MLA paper decoding “The Orpheum Theatre” – one of L.A.’s most venerable landmarks.
What does the space’s architecture tell you about the nature of what goes on there? Was it built from the ground up to accommodate that business or person, or was
it repurposed from an earlier use? What is the history of the building? Who built it?
Is the style of the building consistent with its use? What feeling does the space evoke?
Carefully examine signs (color, typeface, signs), de´cor, color schemes used. Why do you think they made those choices? You can speculate, then try to find out by r
esearch. If you are doing a dorm or bedroom, ask the person after you make educated guesses. You cannot decode the bedroom of someone you already know well because you
already have too much information about them to make guesses.
The point is to see how much information you can tease out of a space by observation alone, then back up your conclusions with research on the business or entity o
ccupying the space.
You need two sources, which could be articles or books on architecture, color theory, history, semiotics or psychology, which will back up your ideas and help you
do the analysis.
Review the handouts under “course documents” in Moodle to make sure you introduce your sources properly and use signal phrases to integrate your quotes. Use MLA style and have a Works Cited page. Have an imaginative title that is not the name of one of the works being discussed.

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