Assignment Instructions
Final Project – 100 points
For the final project, you are asked to develop an eight to 12-minute video where you demonstrate how you would apply two of the following concepts from the field of Motor Learning to the teaching of a movement skill. You must include a demonstration by yourself and/or another “actor”, not just a lecture. Choose two of the following topics:
Feedback for a specific skill
Knowledge of Results
Knowledge of Performance
Freezing the degrees of freedom – take one skill and show us how you would teach it to a novice. Show which joints are frozen and why and then the order of release.
General Motor Program – choose one GMP and show it in action during two different motor skills. How do the following parameters change:
Muscles used (will be very similar)
Order of activation of muscles and de-activation
Force of muscle contraction
Duration of muscle contraction
Practice session for:
Specific population
Specific motor skill
Information Processing:
Skill display and filter issues
Short-term memory processes
Long-term memory and retrieval
Key internal reinforcers
Key external reinforcers
Advantages vs disadvantages of negative reinforcement and punishment

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