NURS 4220 – Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare

NURS 4220 – Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare

Contemporary nurses who wish to influence the current healthcare system must equip themselves with the knowledge and competencies to lead in times of pressure, constant change, and innovation. Quality Improvement science provides a rich set of tools and techniques and has been adopted by most nursing leaders. Nurses are expected to lead with quality improvement knowledge and competencies. Students in this course work toward gaining these skills by focusing on real practice problems and developing evidence-based solutions. They also learn skills and techniques in team building; strengthening interpersonal, communication, and interdisciplinary collaboration; promoting meaningful use of data to gauge improvements and problem solving; translating day to day practice problems to long term strategy for organizational growth; and identify strategies to manage organizational change. Students apply course concepts through case studies. Through this practice experience, students gain professional knowledge from nursing leaders in practice the application of quality improvement science. (1 credit of practicum equates to 72 clock hours of student practice experience hours.) (Prerequisite(s): RN-BSN Track students: NURS 4100; RN-BSN-AIM Track students: NURS 5052.) Note: RN-BSN Track and RN-BSN-AIM Track students must complete NURS 4210 before NURS 4220.

  • LC4001 Healthcare Quality
    Analyze healthcare quality for nursing practice.
  • LC4002 Quality Improvement Processes
    Analyze quality improvement processes.
  • LC4003 Quality Improvement Tools
    Analyze information from quality improvement tools.
  • LC4004 Leadership for Organizational Culture and Growth
    Analyze leadership for organizational culture and growth to promote positive social change through patient quality and safety.
  • LC4005 Improving Patient Quality and Safety
    Apply quality improvement processes and tools as a scholar-practitioner to improve quality and safety.

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