strategic analysis

prepare a strategic analysis for a supermarket in China

The aim of the main assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and application of the concepts and models taught in the module in a real life company. The work submitted must make reference to appropriate literature considered within the module. Students are also expected to demonstrate their competence in the following areas:

? Knowledge and application of key concepts,

? Critical analysis and level of argument,

? Extent of reading and references used,

? Structure and presentation of the submission, writing style, appropriate citations and



a. It is important that you clearly demonstrate your understanding of core concepts and analytical tools by explicitly applying these in your report. More detailed guidance will be provided in class.

b. You should write the strategic analysis in the form of a report that includes the following elements:

? Introduction

? External Analysis

? Internal Analysis

? Strategic Options

? Recommended Strategy

? Conclusion

? References

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