Cool Social Media Essay Topics: Ideas & Examples

Social Media Essay Topics

Along with the internet, social media plays an important part in today’s digital world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, and other major social media platforms have recently dominated the public consciousness. Each social media tool has a unique purpose, but they all serve to link millions of individuals around the world. Because social media has such a large impact on society due to its benefits and drawbacks, it has become a popular topic for people to argue and discuss. Even teachers nowadays require their learners to produce essays on social media issues in order to assess their academic writing skills.

Have you been tasked with writing an essay on a social media topic? Continue reading this blog post to learn about the numerous types of social media essays as well as crucial writing suggestions for social media essays. In addition, to assist you, we have provided a list of the top engaging social media essay topics below.

Types of Social Media Essays

If you are requested to write a social media essay, the first and most important thing you must do is select a decent social media essay topic. Because social media is one of the most popular subjects right now, you may quickly locate a plethora of topics and subtopic ideas for your social media essay. If you’re stuck on ideas, consider sociology and media and communication essay topics.

Choosing a social media essay topic is not difficult if you know how to communicate your ideas. When deciding on a social media essay topic, consider the type of social media essay you want to write first. If you know what form of essay you want to write, you can choose essay subjects from that genre, which will also help you determine your writing style.

The three most prevalent types of social media essays are discussed further below:

Argumentative Social Media Essay

An argumentative essay is a sort of essay that is akin to a discussion. It is frequently used to define a strong argument. When writing an argumentative social media essay, you must choose one side of the debate and back up your assertion with valid evidence and analysis from reputable sources. For example, “Social Media Is Positive or Negative?” is an argumentative social media essay topic in which you must choose a side, either positive or negative, and back it up with facts.

Persuasive Social Media Essay

The primary goal of a persuasive essay is to persuade your readers of your ideas or convictions. You should compose your essay logically in order to persuade your viewers. To produce this type of essay, you must be able to think critically. “The negative impacts of social media” is one example of an essay topic where you will have a wide range of options to list the negative consequences and persuade your readers with a few real-life instances.

Satire Social Media Essay

A satirical writing style is used to write this type of essay. In general, a satire essay uses sarcasm to critique a subject or make fun of an essay topic. Writing an engaging satire essay requires a lot of imagination as well as a decent sense of humor. Writers frequently employ literary devices such as hyperbole and irony to convey their point of view. “Social media is an addiction,” for example, is a popular satire essay topic on social media in which you can hilariously portray how individuals are glued to social media while conveying a serious message.

If you are requested to write a social media essay, you can select any of the three essay kinds based on your writing abilities and interests. When choosing a social media essay topic for your project, choose one that corresponds to the social media essay type you’ve chosen, or choose an appropriate essay topic and then write it in an argumentative, persuasive, or satirical writing style.

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Social Media Essay Topics to Consider

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

You can capture readers’ interest with these argumentative essay topics for social media. Remember that if you choose one of the following social media argumentative essay topics, you must give solid arguments in your essay.

  1. Is social media causing us to become more narcissistic?
  2. What role has social media played in the fight against racism?
  3. Is social media more detrimental than useful, and is it doing more harm than good?
  4. How can social media humor impact mental health?
  5. What exactly is social media weaponization?
  6. What are the drawbacks of using social media?
  7. Do you agree with the statement that “social media influencers (SMIs) have more detrimental than beneficial influences on their audiences”?
  8. What are the harmful psychological repercussions of social media?
  9. Is Twitter and other social media a reliable source of political news?
  10. Why shouldn’t children have access to social media?
  11. What is the social media portrayal of immigration?
  12. To what extent has social media influenced the presidential election?
  13. Should the government enact legislation to ensure that more can be done to control both information and individuals on social media, particularly in cases of discrimination or cyberbullying?
  14. What is the connection between social media use and perceptions of one’s own body image?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Social Media

For a captivating essay, use one of these social media persuasive essay ideas. Keep in mind that your paper should present a convincing viewpoint on the issue.

  1. Is there a downside to social media?
  2. Does social media celebrity have an impact on one’s life?
  3. Is social media making us more connected or making us more lonely?
  4. Is social media harmful to democracy?
  5. Does social media have an impact on delinquency?
  6. Is social media supplanting face-to-face conversation among teenagers?
  7. What are the effects of social media on relationships, friendships, and the ability of people to form genuine and long-lasting connections?
  8. How is social media affecting loneliness among young adults in America amid the Covid-19 lockdown/pandemic?
  9. What function does social media have in education?
  10. Should a person’s social media presence be considered when hiring?
  11. What is the relationship between social media and privacy?
  12. What effect does social media have on body image?
  13. What is the connection between anxiety, depression, and social media?
  14. Why is social media making you feel insecure?
  15. Should kids be penalized if they publish something on social media outside of school?
  16. What are the problems of censorship and its impact on politics in the context of social media?
  17. Do the advantages of sharing personal information on social media outweigh the disadvantages?
  18. What are the advantages of multilingual people in generating social media discourse?

Research Paper Topics for Social Media

The most interesting research paper topics on social media can be found in this section. It is difficult to come up with good topics for a research paper about social media. However, this is a list of excellent topics for writing about and help you to overcome such difficulties.

  1. The influence that social media has on major events.
  2. The impact of social media on face-to-face communication.
  3. The cultural impact of social media.
  4. Social media’s influence on eating disorders.
  5. Social media should be treated as a controlled substance.
  6. The Internet and social media pose a threat to democracy and citizenship.
  7. Political social media exposure through both earned and unearned media.
  8. Social media and free expression
  9. Reasons to prohibit the use of social media.
  10. The influence of social media on policymaking.
  11. The impact of social media on childhood.
  12. Social media as a tool of public communication and its impact on public opinion formation

Social Media Essay Topics on Youth

  1. The Influence of Social Media on Young People
  2. Social media’s influence on schooling
  3. What impact has social media had on education?
  4. Should young people be trained to be cautious about what they share on the internet?
  5. Is social media causing young people to become depressed?
  6. When is the best age to start using social media?
  7. Why should parents not allow minors to use social media unsupervised?
  8. Should minors be permitted to have social media accounts?
  9. Is it more comfortable for youngsters to communicate over social media rather than face-to-face?
  10. How has social media influenced the moral behavior of today’s youth?

Social Media Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. Explain how social media has had a negative impact on people of all ages’ mental, physical, and social health.
  2. Explain how social media influences women’s self-image.
  3. Explain whether children should be permitted to use social media.
  4. Explain what social media will be like in the future based on the history of the medium.
  5. Explain how social media has a negative impact on adolescent mental health.
  6. Explain how social media affects children’s mental health.
  7. Explain how social media plays a part in today’s economy.
  8. Explain why social media is one of the worst things that has happened to the planet in recent years.
  9. Explain why Instagram is a social media game-changer.
  10. Explain why social media is beneficial to teenagers.
  11. Explain the relationship between social media addiction and mental health.
  12. Explain the significance of social media in businesses.
  13. Explain the role of social media in online journalism.

Social Media Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. How can social media contribute to eating disorders in youngsters?
  2. Social media’s adverse repercussions, most notably cyberbullying.
  3. Social media’s impact on the social and psychological impacts of eating disorders.
  4. How does social media influence marketing?
  5. How does social media influence a person’s way of life?
  6. Alice Walton’s Six Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health
  7. How has social media influenced elections?
  8. How you use social media and what you post can have an impact on your job search.
  9. To what extent does social media marketing influence millennials’ internet purchasing habits?
  10. How has social media influenced consumer purchasing habits?
  11. Is gender a factor in social media influence?
  12. How does social media affect the fashion industry?
  13. How has social media influenced the expansion of the make-up industry?
  14. The impact of social media on people’s perceptions of honesty.
  15. How social media influences what Americans perceive about COVID-19 in China.
  16. What impact have social media filters had on the cosmetic beauty trend?
  17. How did social media contribute to the spread of incorrect information regarding Texas power outages?

Business Topics on Social Media Essay

  1. Social media’s impact on business
  2. Social media has ushered in a new era of business.
  3. How has social media changed the business world?
  4. Is social media the finest business platform?
  5. How has social media facilitated digital marketing?
  6. The significance of online social media presence for individuals and corporations
  7. The hiring procedure on social media
  8. Social media marketing for businesses
  9. Is YouTube a good place to make money?
  10. The influence of aggressive television and social media marketing

Discussion Essay Writing Topics for Social Media

  1. How has the Black Lives Matter movement used social media to mobilize and organize? Discuss concentrating on one social media platform or a specific practice employed by the movement.
  2. Discuss the impact of social media presence on the present political situation. Based on our first amendment rights, does it help or hinder how communication is conveyed to the masses?
  3. Discuss the positive and negative effects of social media on young adults, parents, and teens.
  4. Discuss the use of social media during the pandemic.
  5. Discuss how brands use social media influencers to promote their products or services.
  6. Discuss how social media addiction influences academic outcomes in postsecondary education.
  7. Discuss why the optimal age for anyone to begin using social media is between the ages of 15 and 16.
  8. Discuss how social media has influenced marketing over the last five years.
  9. Discuss the use of social media at work for military personnel.
  10. Discuss the role of social media in the growth of ecotourism.
  11. Discuss how social media platforms have made PR professionals’ marketing more efficient.
  12. Text messages will be phased out of social media platforms, to be replaced by photo and video content. Discuss.
  13. Discuss the impact of social media on marketing.
  14. Discuss why TikTok is one of the top ten most popular social networks.
  15. Discuss the overall popularity of social media in comparison to global internet usage.

Social Media Essay Sample Examples

Argumentative Essay Sample on Social Media

According to Austin McCann, the social networking site provides every Internet user with virtual engagement while having a negative impact on real life. He claims that common website users frequently fail to distinguish between the actual and virtual worlds. Every day, the average adolescent spends about 4 hours networking.

Teens are stressed and depressed as a result of negative messages, comments, dislikes, photographs, videos, and news. Furthermore, teens spend more time indoors and have health concerns. By the way, youngsters sustain bodily harm when online and crossing the street or riding a car at the same time. Some of them do not make it.

As a result, writing an essay on this topic can be extremely difficult for a student. It is necessary to provide both personal and broad info in the work. Such an academic paper assists students in understanding the beneficial and harmful roles of networking in human life, as well as preventing addiction to it.

Negative Effects of Social Media Essay Sample

Despite the fact that networking is extremely beneficial to communication, psychologists and sociologists suggest that there are numerous negative consequences that can be described in a social media essay. Some of them even have deadly consequences.

Nowadays, using social media might be dangerous. People can access many websites using a tablet, phone, or computer with Internet access. Some websites have no age restrictions, so any child can see “adult movies” or violent films with a single click. Another disadvantage is that children write down their address, phone number, and other personal information. Such information is particularly appealing to pedophiles and maniacs. According to R. Murray of the New York Daily News, around 10% of all children’s virtual buddies are imposters.

These networks are vulnerable to hackers and can be monitored by the government as well. Cyberbullying is another severe issue that has no end in sight. Previously, people were bullied at venues such as schools, colleges, and workplaces. They are now victims even in their own homes. Modern digital gadgets enable the creation of videos, which can then be posted on a blog or on YouTube. After becoming public, many of these films degrade an individual’s dignity and inspire suicide. Unfortunately, neither the victim’s so-called best friends nor internet users notify the victim’s family about the bullying.

Persuasive Essay Sample on Social Media

Social media, in my opinion, is damaging to schoolchildren under the age of 17. The consciousness of children is unstable, and data that is unverified or contentious might have negative implications. Today’s networks are dominated by online games that are filled with brutality and violence. To begin, consider the world-famous game “Blue Whale,” which was launched in 2016; its developers sought out depressed children and assigned them tasks over the course of 50 days. A child was to commit suicide on the last day. The worst part is that everyone was aware of the game’s dangers but continued to play it.

Another bad aspect of social media is that more and more individuals grow addicted to it. People spend the majority of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Furthermore, a large number of Internet users build their own YouTube channels in the hopes of gaining virtual friends and fans while neglecting real-world communication. Roisin Kibert provides interesting figures and facts in an excellent opinion post that demonstrate how addicted social media is nowadays. According to the author, social media is designed to keep us hooked, and its algorithms (echo chambers) lead to perspective narrowing and black-and-white thinking, which is typical in personality disorders and depression.

According to Aric Sigman, an American psychologist, children degrade when they spend a lot of time online. A virtual life can cause social isolation, loneliness, and depression. Such a style of life may have a bad impact on a person’s health and eventually lead to cardiovascular disease, cognitive loss, and cancer.

Pros and Cons Essay Sample on Social Media

When people use social media wisely, it is not dangerous and can even be useful. On the one hand, social media platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, Viber, and WhatsApp enable individuals to communicate with one another, share information, distribute news, avoid loneliness, and even save lives and relationships. Today, a large number of volunteers open accounts in order to assist sick individuals or those suffering as a result of poverty or natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and tornadoes.

There are other online forums that provide psychological and educational support. Social media can aid in the search for missing people. Since 2014, the NYPD has developed approximately 150 Twitter and Facebook communities. Because there are over 2 billion active users, such searching is effective. Due to analyzing client comments and searching things, the existing user base has proven to be an effective resource for business development.

On the other hand, incidences of cyberbullying, kidnapping, victimization, and hacking are increasing on a daily basis. Those who monitor our personal data have the ability to manufacture a virtual bomb and use it to foment default, war, and other political and social conflicts (Nissenbaum, 2018).

Writing a Social Media Essay: Some Points to Consider

  1. Social media essays, like any other type of essay, should be correctly constructed. So, structure the essay according to a conventional social media essay format that includes the necessary aspects such as an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.
  2. The opening paragraph should begin with a hook sentence and include a compelling thesis statement as well as keywords relevant to the topic of your essay.
  3. Use figures, facts, or renowned quotes as a hook sentence in your essay’s initial sentence.
  4. Write your thoughts or ideas in 3 or 4 paragraphs in the body section of your essay. Use an argumentative, persuasive, or sarcastic writing style in your body paragraphs to clearly express your thoughts or ideas to your audience.
  5. Provide instances or evidence from trustworthy sources as proof to help your readers believe your thoughts.
  6. To avoid plagiarism difficulties, make sure to cite the sources of any references utilized at the end of the essay.
  7. The conclusion paragraph should summarize all of your important ideas and include a call to action.
  8. Your essay should be straightforward, logical, and concise.
  9. Make the essay narration more natural by using transition words.
  10. Complete a thorough revision of your essay. Remember that the final draft of your essay should be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Wrapping Up on Social Media Essay Topics

We hope you now understand the most significant ideas for creating a social media essay. We have simply mentioned a few of the most interesting social media essay topics in this blog post. You can contact us for more social media essay topic suggestions.  If you require a reliable writing service, our experienced custom paper writers are always available to assist you. We not only assist you in selecting appropriate social media essay topics but also assist you in producing an effective social media essay. You can get assignment help from us if you share your assignment requirements with us. Our team of experienced writers, who excel at providing high-quality assignment writing services, will complete the task for you on time. See how we can help you convert your writing challenges into successes!

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