C. Sensitivity to Diversity in Research: Within this extra credit option, you will have the opportunity to consider how layers of diversity play a role in research, interpreting research, and applying research findings. Select one memoir-like book written from the perspective of someone whose layer(s) of intersectionality differ from yours and are considered within a marginalized group as it relates to race, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, age, class, color, gender, gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, ability, immigration status, marital status,
tribal sovereign status, and/or other experiences or layers of identity. After reading the book, please give a three- to four-page summary that briefly describes the book (one-page max), but then specifically focuses on how researchers/evaluators can be sensitive to that person’s lived experiences as they review current literature, decide recruitment and data collection methods, interpret results, and apply and/or disseminate findings.

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