Select a FTSE100 firm. Provide an history and context of the firm, its industry and past, current and predicted performance (using appropriate frameworks and financial, market and industry data).
Using appropriate theories, concepts and frameworks learnt in this module you need to conduct a general analysis (using publicly available data e.g. company reports, newspaper clippings etc) of your case firm. You should include its corporate and in particular its supply and sustainability strategies.
Identify what you see as the key supply chain and sustainability challenges facing the firm, past, present and future. Your answer should utilise appropriate theories, concepts and frameworks from the module material.
Offer YOUR thoughts, based on your analysis, on how the company should use its supply strategy to improve its sustainable position, you should discuss what ‘success’ might look like incorporating a social, environmental and economic perspective. Your analysis should also include financial, market and industry data to support your strategic predications. You should aim to predict forward in the short, medium and long-term – however you define this.

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