Article Review and Analysis

In this course, you have learned methods for statistically manipulating research data and explored the importance of ensuring validity in the methods that are used to collect research data. Consider the various aspects of validity you have explored. How might you prioritize their importance?
With these thoughts in mind:

Review the article “Validation Guidelines for IS Positivist Research,” by Straub, Boudreau, & Gefen and focus your analysis on each of the following guiding questions. You should address each set of questions in a short paragraph. Be sure to refer directly to the article where appropriate.

Briefly describe the types of validity presented. What are the critical differences among them? Assess the authors’ performance in explaining them.


Select a previous article from this course that presents a quantitative study. How would you assess the study’s validity? What information would you need in order to be able to do so, and is that information present in the article?


Based on Table 8 on page 415 in the article by Straub, Boudreau, & Gefen, which positivist design contingency best describes the previous article for this course? Which best describes your potential Doctoral Study? Employee retention in a call center  Explain your selections.


Please  make sure all points are made





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