retirement plan

Whether your goal is to be an Accountant or other business professional, manage a budget,
have your own small company or simply to better understand the companies included in your
IRA or 401(k) retirement plan, it is important to underst
and and be able to articulate what
accounting is and what benefits it provides.
Accordingly, I would like you to watch the “TED Talk” video noted below. In this video, a
young man describes an idea he had and what he did about
. In
implementing his ide
a, he
created a company (Headboy Industries, Inc.). And while it is not described in the video, in
order for that company to function properly either Mr. Marishane, or someone close to him,
must have created a proper structure for the company to operate.

To view, place cursor over link
and click.
Details of the
e you have been hired as a “consultant” to help advise this new company in its early
stages. Your job is to convince Mr. Marishane of the importance of creating a proper
accounting system for his company. In accomplishing thi
s task, you must explain to h
What accounting is,
Why accounting is needed,
What benefits he (his company) will derive from implementing a good accounting
system, and
A general overview of how it will operate.
Now, as you may imagine, Mr. Marishane is a very busy young man. So he
has asked that you
present this information to him in a very specific way
(do not forget your name as well)
One page typed memo
Font: Verdana
Font size: 10 point
Margins: 1” (all sides)
Line spacing: 1.15
Due date: See the syllabus
Also remembe
r, at the time Mr. Marishane developed his product
he was 17 years old.
hile it
is apparent he was an exceptional young man, he was still only 17 years old and he had no
familiarity with accounting. So write your presentation using language and ter
ms that, while
still professional and appropriate, a young person would understand
(i.e. write in your own

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