Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)

Create and submit for evaluation on or before September 16, a paper version of a double-spaced report

on the topic enunciated below. Employ 12pt Tahoma text comprising at least five pages, including

abstract, main theme and conclusions. In addition, create a sixth page; the cover-page. Append a

seventh page that presents a list citing the sources that were used to develop the report.

As the Director of Manufacturing at a XYZ Inc. in Sunnyvale California, you are asked by the company

CEO to analyze the notion of a radically different company-wide work environment at XYZ Inc. This work

environment would be totally focused on results. Indeed, this would be the only metric for measuring

success. It might be termed ROWE…..a results only work environment. All other artificial constraints

should be eliminated from the corporate culture.

The basis for the CEO’s request is the ubiquitous Internet and Information Technology. She posits that

perhaps people are more creative on the beach with their laptop, or sitting with a latte in Starbucks,

than sitting in an oppressive stuffy corporate office in a stressful psychological state after

commuting to work for 90 minutes on a crowded freeways. Would her proposal yield higher productivity

for XYZ Inc.? Is the traditional work environment really a dated ineffective constrained Victorian

imposition on people? Would her proposal yield a happier more creative workforce? Can you trust

people to deliver the results of their labors when they are not working in the supervised office 24/7?

Should team meetings be round a conference table or is teleconferencing an appropriate compromise?

A Potential Resource:
• “Why work sucks: and how to fix it” by C. Ressler and J. Thompson, Portfolio-Penguin, 2008,


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