REL 103: demonstrate the central Christian claim that Jesus is both human and divine

REL 103: demonstrate Christian claim that Jesus is both human and divine

-text-stroke-width: 0px; “> REL 103 – Paper 3 Your task this time is to write an essay that convinces me that you can talk
coherently about the central Christian claim that Jesus is both human and divine. You have some freedom with this essay in how you craft it, as long as it meets the following requirements…

1. Contains careful discussion of at least 2 of the 3 articles we read on Christology (Portier’s “Classical Christology”, Oduyoye’s “African Women’s Theology”, McCabe’s “Son of God”) 2. Includes some intelligent discussion of the 2 examples of people whose lives radically changed because of their belief in Jesus (Augustine, Dorothy Day) 3. Begins with an introduction that briefly explains your general approach to the paper 4. Finishes with a conclusion that includes a short discussion of at least one question that emerged for you as you composed your paper 5. Reaches a minimum word count of 900 words but does not exceed 1,400 words. Important note: I am certainly NOT asking you to say that you agree with the Christian claims about Jesus’ humanity and divinity… I’m only asking you to demonstrate that you understand what Christians are saying they think is true about Jesus. I am willing to give you feedback on outlines for this paper. You must email them to me before midnight on Sunday, November 29. The final draft is due before midnight on Thursday, December 3 via Isidore. Late submissions will be docked 10 points per day.

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