Read the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down chapter 1 to 7. Focus only on Lia.

First 5 pages
Write a FAMILY PSYCHOSOCIAL HISTORY. Write a complete family background and psychosocial history for Lia

Second 2 pages

REFLECTIONS: Please answer the following questions in paragraph form: Assume that you are a social worker assigned to work with the Lee family in Merced, California in
April 1986 (this would be after Lia returned home from foster care). What does knowledge of Hmong culture and history tell you about how you should approach working w
ith them? What things would be important to do and what would be important to avoid? How do you think Lia’s parents would have felt in completing a psychosocial assess
ment form with you? What things could you do to help them feel comfortable? Which parts would be particularly difficult for them to disclose or difficult for you to as
k about? How do you think the experience of working with them would make you feel?

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