Read chapters and apply at least 1 concept from each chapter

This Lesson focuses on how companies choose to enter
foreign markets with their product or services. It is not as easy as it may appear from what you have learned so far in this course. Governments, culture, infrastructure such as electricity and roads, along with a trained work force are only a few of the considerations. This will also help you on your final paper!

Look at Chapters 09, 10, and 12 PowerPoint’s

Read: Chapters 09,10, and 12


Then go to your business data bases and/ or current business or industry
news or articles and identify a company that is planning to launch their product or
services in any country. (such as a phone provider in another country, or a heavy equipment manufacturer, or perhaps a food or cosmetic line for example).

Once you have found a new product/ or service country
launch, you are to examine your article in terms of Chapters 09,10, and 12 and tie it into
at least 1 concepts learned in each of these 3 chapters. You are to cite and number each Chapter and the page numbers and concepts chosen and why you think they apply to your selection that you are focusing
on for your paper. Please be specific in how it applies (250-300 words for each of the 3 chapters).As mentioned before, assignments in this on-line course also involve
interactions amongst the students in discussion boards each week where you are
to read and respond to at 
least 2 of your classmate’s posts which count as 10% of your grade for each assignment. This interaction is an important part of the course design which gives all of you the opportunity to see how all your classmates respond to the
same assignment so you can learn from one another…..your
opinions and civil divergent opinions are encouraged!

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