Read Case Study 3.3 – Andy’s Recipe in Leadership Theory and Practice

Answer the three questions at the end of the case study. Provide research from two sources other than our course textbooks that either supports or contradicts your analysis. The SEU Virtual Library is a good resource to search for these references. Your response should be two-three pages in addition to your cover page and your reference page, submitted as a Word document. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.

Note: Work to incorporate your questions and answers into a fluid essay rather than merely writing the questions and adding the answers which follow. Make this a fluid document that weaves a story of the protagonist’s situation!

Document Preview:

Case Study 3.3 – Andy?s Recipe Andy Garafallo owns an Italian restaurant that sits in the middle of a cornfield near a large midwestern city. On the restaurant’s far wall is an elaborate mural of the canals of Venice. A gondola hangs on the opposite wall, up by the ceiling. Along another wall is a row of real potted lemon trees. “My ancestors are from Sicily,” says Andy. “In fact, I can remember seeing my grandfather take a bite out of a lemon, just like the ones hanging on those trees.” Andy is very confident about his approach to this restaurant, and he should be, because the restaurant is celebrating its 25th anniversary. “I’m darned sure of what I want to do. I’m not trying different fads to get people to come here. People come here because they know they will get great food. They also want to support someone with whom they can connect. This is my approach. Nothing more, nothing less.” While other restaurants have folded, Andy seems to have found a recipe for success. Since opening his restaurant, Andy has had a number of managers. Currently, he has three: Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick. Kelly is a kitchen (food prep) manager who is known as very honest and dependable. She loves her work, and she is efficient, good with ordering, and good with preparation. Andy really likes Kelly but is frustrated with her because she has such difficulty getting along with the salespeople, delivery people, and wait staff. Danielle, who works out front in the restaurant, has been with Andy the longest, 6 years. Danielle likes working at Garafallo’s-she lives and breathes the place. She fully buys into Andy’s approach of putting customers first. In fact, Andy says she has a knack for knowing what customers need before they even ask. Although she is very hospitable, Andy says she is lousy with numbers. She just doesn’t seem to catch on to that side of the business. Patrick, who has been with Andy for 4 years, usually works out front but can work in the kitchen as well. Although…


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