Case Study: 3500 words,
You will need to submit a report that addresses the following situation:
David Jones, the struggling Australian retailer, is planning a major re-launch. After many failed attempts in the past, it is still hopeful of re-capturing a dominant position in the Australian retail market. The board is desperate for unique and novel solutions to help it achieve this aim, so has turned to you for your advice.
Provide an analysis of the external marketing environment currently facing David Jones;
Provide an analysis of the internal marketing environment currently facing David Jones;
Develop an overall marketing strategy David Jones, including:
– A set of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals;
– The identification, description and justification for a Target Market;
– A set of marketing activities that will allow David Jones to achieve these goals. Activities should focus on the five P’s of marketing and include:
• An overall market positioning strategy (considering desired perceptions and the strategic implications of these); 5/50
• A product/ service strategy; 5/50
• A pricing strategy; 5/50
• A place/ distribution strategy; and 5/50
• A promotional strategy. 5/50
For both External and Internal Analyses:
• Identify and describe the five most important issues relevant to the current situation from the external environment AND internal environment.
This should include descriptions of
• the issue,
• how it is important, and
• the implications of the issue.
• Students are encouraged to make use of at least three analytical techniques discussed in the course and/ or locatable through web searches. These analyses should appear as appendices to the main document.
• The descriptions should be in plain English and should summarise the major findings from the analyses.
• Be mindful that
• External Analysis = 10/50
• Internal Analysis = 5/50
• Who do you think David Jones should target?
• You should include a description and justification, including:
• Demographic, psychographic, emotional, lifestyle etc. characteristics
• A justification for selecting this target market

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