Pope Gregory’s musical charge

What eventual impact on music did the Schola Cantorum, Pope Gregory’s musical charge to the Benedictines, and Guido de Arezzo have on modern music and education?

(NOTE: Please consider the historical time frame of this assignment when you research Pope Gregory, the Benedictines and the Schola Cantorum.)

Each research assignment requires that you write an essay connecting a number of different ideas or concepts. These “ connections” are what you express in your essay. No two assignments follow the same path; so do not be surprised that your essays do not follow the same plan, but I want those essays presented to me using the following format.

1. A personal summary of your essay, in a narrative form, in your own words, is to be presented at the top of your essay, making it the first paragraph that I read. This can be very short, but must summarize your essay. Consider it a condensed version of your essay.


2. Your essay must list the question and present your research, as well as your conclusions. These essays are not opinion works, so you will have to cut and paste materials from the web to substantiate and detail your research.

3. Following your essay, please include sources for all of your research with WWW addresses.  As always, your work is expected to be grammatically correct and spelled accurately.

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