Good Political Science Research Paper Topics for Students

Political science is a complicated and comprehensive study that deals with numerous aspects of domestic and international politics and power. It primarily focuses on political ideas, policies, activities, strategy, procedures, and conduct, as well as the laws and constitution that govern them. If you are a student studying political science, law, philosophy, sociology, or any other course relating to politics, you may require political science topics for writing a research paper.

You want to produce an outstanding research paper in political science, don’t you? Are you looking for the best political science study topics for your next project? There’s nothing to worry about! We understand how tough it can be to come up with an appropriate study topic when you are given the opportunity to choose your own. We’ve put up a list of the greatest political science research subjects, as well as a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to writing a political science research paper, to assist you in your academic endeavors.

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Writing a Political Science Research Paper: Some Pointers

When it comes to creating a political research paper, all you really need is a good topic. Once you have chosen an appropriate political science research topic, you can proceed to the next step in the writing process: composing your research paper. However, when writing your political science research paper, remember to keep the following points in mind as you go along.

  • The one-idea-per-paragraph rule should be followed.
  • Gather information by researching any relevant literature or similar projects that are linked to your topic.
  • Provide information based on credible academic sources.
  • Include any statistics, facts, or other supporting evidence that can help your primary ideas stand out.
  • Include the counterargument paragraph just before the conclusion section of the essay.
  • It is never appropriate to use a condescending tone when addressing delicate topics in your work.
  • It is important to avoid portraying simply one side of the subject.
  • When debating political parties, maintain a neutral stance. Never show any signs of bias.
  • Avoid using too many quotations in your research work.
  • Slang terminology and informal language are strictly prohibited.

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Political Science Research Paper Topic Ideas

Selection of an appropriate study project in the field of political science presents many difficulties. Political science is a broad discipline, and as such, you can do study in any political-related field, including international relations, comparative politics, public law, conflict resolution, public administration, mediation/negotiation, and other related fields, among others.
Listed below are a few top political science research paper topics for you to think about for your next project.

Look over the entire list and choose a subject that piques your interest.

Political Research Paper Topics in International Relations

  1. An examination of the world’s security networks
  2. The International Monetary Fund’s Organization
  3. Ethical standards for non-governmental organizations
  4. Global poverty is a result of
  5. Circumpolar Circle Conflicts of Power
  6. Analyze one of the several religious conflicts.
  7. Causes and effects of the Syrian conflict
  8. Uganda’s Human Rights
  9. What precipitated the Afghan war?
  10. Corporations in Japan that act as facilitators for non-state actors
  11. International Amnesty Controversies
  12. Discuss the escalation of global terrorism.
  13. Relations between China and the United States
  14. Nationalism’s Effects on Germany
  15. North and South Korea’s relations

Comparative Politics Research Paper Topics in Political Science

  1. What does the term “comparative political institutions” mean?
  2. Democratic Presidency vs. Parliamentary Democracy
  3. Comparing parties behaviorally
  4. An examination of the Anglo-Saxon characteristics of American government
  5. Ideology of the Soviet Union
  6. South African Apartheid Phenomenon
  7. Discuss binary comparisons both directly and indirectly.
  8. Hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party
  9. Affiliation of Vietnam War interests
  10. In impoverished countries, recruitment
  11. Demonstrate your understanding of the modernization idea.
  12. Conduct a comparative analysis of two political parties in your nation.
  13. Discuss conflict and revolution in the United States of America.
  14. An examination of the cultural tensions that exist between Japan and the United States
  15. The United States’ foreign policy vis-à-vis the United Kingdom

Topics for Political Science Research Paper in Political Theory

  1. Key Figures in Anarchism’s History
  2. Aristotle’s Philosophical Treatise on the Theory of Government
  3. Political theory of Agrarianism
  4. Analyze – Republic of Plato
  5. The Classic Theories of Edmund Burke
  6. Theory of egalitarianism
  7. Theses of Frederic Bastiat
  8. John Austin Hypothesis
  9. Jean Bodin on the Challenges to Sovereignty, Liberty, and Justice
  10. Phoenicianism Political philosophy
  11. In Eastern Europe, socialism coexisted alongside communism.
  12. Foucault’s Disciplinary Authority
  13. Vladimir Lenin and Communism Aspects of Zionism

Public Administration Research Topics in Political Science

  1. Administration and its relationship to social equity
  2. Transportation Security Administration Careers
  3. Public sector sustainability initiatives
  4. Organizations that are not for profit Ethics
  5. Compromises in Environmental Management
  6. A Federal Emergency Management Agency Analysis
  7. Characteristics of a true leader in public administration
  8. Private Sector Innovations in the United States
  9. Fiscal Management Strategic Planning
  10. Methods of Community Development
  11. Optimal Public Safety Benefits
  12. Procedures for crisis handling in your area
  13. Rohr, John Constitutional Perspective
  14. Coordination of Governmental Efforts
  15. Analyze the conduct of public organizations in your country.

Topics for Political Science and Philosophy Research Paper

  1. Republican Educational Traditions The American Revolution Election Ethics
  2. Karl Schmidt Theses & German Philosophy
  3. Methods of Transition in the Post-Socialist Era
  4. Justification for liberal democracy
  5. Contrast Civil Republicanism with Liberalism
  6. Existentialism within the framework of Western Constitutional Law
  7. Mutual tolerance as a political virtue is the subject of this study.
  8. Society’s Neopatrimonialism Risks

Topics for Public Law Research

  1. 1998 Human Rights Act
  2. Famous Legislators in the History of European Law
  3. Common Morality and Criminal Law
  4. Analyze your country’s constitution
  5. Consider the significance of mandatory rules in public law.
  6. Complaints Regarding Civil Liberties and National Security
  7. Judicial Review Analysis of Argumentation
  8. Law of Confidentiality or Commercial Exploitation
  9. Discuss the public law notion of “public bodies acting lawfully.”
  10. Preferences Socio-Economic in Police Interrogation
  11. Custody fights and the psychology of gender bias
  12. Statutes Concerning Public Safety Interpretation Judiciary
  13. Inequality in Post-Conflict Justice
  14. Are all central and local governments required to follow the law?
  15. Distinctions between procedural and private law in the United Kingdom

Political Conflicts Research Topics

  1. Yemeni Dispute Resolution Techniques
  2. Conflicts in Afghanistan Conflicts between politics and religion
  3. Mexico’s Relationship with Immigrants Crisis
  4. Protest Movements and Social Networks
  5. Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s clash
  6. In political confrontations, free speech and hate speech coexist.
  7. Repression by the Syrian Government
  8. The Political Agenda of Ronald Reagan
  9. Causes and Characteristics of the Civil War
  10. The Donbass War: Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine
  11. The most effective method of resolving a political disagreement
  12. Iraq’s war on terror and the history of war crimes
  13. Techniques of propaganda used in political warfare
  14. Causes of the Central African Republic’s Rebellion

Conflict Resolution Research Topics in Political Science

  1. The Foreign Policy of the United States
  2. Conflict art in post-war nations
  3. Coverage of the news Prejudice in the media
  4. Conflicts involving African American detainees
  5. Afghanistan Cooperation Techniques
  6. Arctic Electricity Distribution
  7. Personal goals of political leaders
  8. Iran’s Petroleum Conflict
  9. Conflicts between security leaders in the aftermath of 9/11
  10. Between Right- and Left-Wing Parties, a Compromise

Mediation and Negotiation Research Topics in Political Science

  1. Volunteering and Participation in Social Movements
  2. Negotiation of hostage care in foreign countries
  3. Legal Disputes Among Multinational Corporations
  4. American Whistleblowers of the Modern Era
  5. Analyses of the Mediation Agreement as a case study
  6. The permanent court of arbitration’s mediation procedure
  7. Negotiation techniques used during the war
  8. The procedure for preparing for a mediation hearing
  9. Constitutional breakthroughs involving Syria’s Civil Law Court against Mediation Policies
  10. Clauses on Arbitration and Mediation
  11. Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  12. Analysis of the Elections Agenda
  13. Process of Mediation by an International Arbitration Tribunal for Agricultural Land Disputes

Simple Political Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Contrast Political and Armed Conflicts
  2. Methods of Eradicating Corruption
  3. Social Movements in the Postwar Period
  4. Is religion a societal force to be reckoned with?
  5. Adopting significant modifications to legislative processes
  6. Is it permissible to pardon criminals?
  7. The Unitary Governance Model exhibits signs of Federalism.
  8. Comparing Federal Crimes in Europe and the United States
  9. Contemporary Leaders Prosecution for Global Interdependence Top-Level Officials’ Ethical Standards

Political Science Research Paper Topics of Interest

  1. Australia’s social security system
  2. Is a dictatorship synonymous with monarchy?
  3. British Columbia’s Imperialism
  4. What qualifies Saddam Hussein as a despotic ruler?
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger: How Did He Become a Politician?
  6. Analyze Ancient Greece’s politics
  7. Construct a comparison and contrast between political science and pure history.
  8. Nigerian expansion of Boko Haram
  9. Analyze the boundary conflict between India and China
  10. Discuss ISIS’s rise in Afghanistan.
  11. In African countries, colonialism persisted.
  12. How did Vladimir Putin become Russia’s president for four terms?
  13. Examine a totalitarian regime
  14. In politics, gender equality is critical.
  15. Israel’s confrontation with Hamas

Final Remarks on Political Science Research Paper Topics

You may choose any topic from the top political science research paper topics discussed in this blog post. When choosing a topic for your political research paper, always choose one that you are comfortable with, and also check to see if the topic you have chosen has reputable sources of information. Bear in mind that political science is a contentious subject, and hence exercise caution when writing your research paper.

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