Planning Strategies to Avoid Discrimination Complaints

Main Task: Planning Strategies to Avoid Discrimination Complaints
This section provides information on legal minefields that face athletic administrators. Adapting to new demands is an important mechanism for both personal and organizational survival. Individuals and groups that do it well seem to be more successful than those that resist and accept the inevitable slowly. Many components are required to move a department through the phases of a desired change, such as implementing preventive policies and ways to enact them on a daily basis in order to prevent situations that could result in charges of discrimination. The process takes time, vision, role-modeling, and pointing out the benefits for all involved.

For this activity you will be studying an example of a discrimination complaint to summarize the actions that need to be taken in the event that such a charge is made. If you have been in a setting that was faced with a discrimination complaint you may use your experience as the basis for writing this strategic summary. If this is not possible, locate a journal article describing a problem involving a discrimination complaint within an athletic department as your basis for responding to the following:
Describe the discrimination complaint scenario as if summarizing a case study: who was involved, the events that took place, charges made, what the university did, and the outcome(s). (If describing a situation in which you were personally involved, use pseudonyms names when describing the situation. )
In reviewing the case, suggest actions that could have been taken to improve the outcome(s). If outcomes were the best that could be expected under the circumstances, what actions on the part of the university helped to assure the outcomes would be positive?
Taking into consideration potential problems that could arise, how will you plan to prevent similar occurrences or deal with them should they take place despite preventive measures?
Use research from a minimum of five credible sources to support your plans for working with these kinds of situations

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