Best Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas to Convince Your Audience

Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

Propelling your audience to adopt your point of view is the goal of a persuasive speech. As a speaker, you should educate your audience about a certain topic and persuade them to accept your point of view.

Do you believe that delivering a convincing speech is simple? Without a doubt, no! Making an audience believe what you’re saying is a difficult endeavor to accomplish. Your speech must be based on a compelling topic that includes pertinent figures, facts, and data in order to be persuasive to the audience. Most essential, the content of your persuasive speech should strike a balance between logic and emotion in order to persuade your audience to agree with your point of view.

How to Choose the Appropriate Topic for a Persuasive Speech

You cannot simply go ahead and deliver a speech without first gathering accurate facts. To deliver an excellent persuasive speech or write a persuasive essay, all you need is a solid convincing topic.

There are countless persuasive speech topics and ideas available in a variety of categories. However, the true potency of your persuasive speech is determined by the topic you choose. If you have been asked to deliver a persuasive speech, keep the following guidelines in mind during the topic selection phase.

  • Choose a subject that interests you.
  • Choose a topic that will pique your audience’s interest.
  • Choose a subject that you are both familiar with and knowledgeable about.
  • Avoid popular themes because they are likely to be uninteresting and will fail to engage your audience.
  • Rather than selecting a topic that has been explored previously, it is prudent to choose something new, unique, and original.
  • The topic you choose should allow you to make compelling arguments and explain your point of view.
  • Additionally, for the purpose of persuading the audience, the topic you have chosen should have a variety of evidence and pertinent facts or statistics to support your arguments or point of view.

Suggestions for Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

Choosing a compelling speech topic is an extremely time-consuming process. When it comes to writing a persuasive speech essay, you should spend more time brainstorming a broad range of topic ideas and then limiting the list down to a single, distinct issue.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches

Thus, in order to help you navigate your way through life’s obstacles, we’ve divided them into categories such as education, sports, the environment, arts and culture, fashion, and health, and included a few engaging persuasive speech subject ideas in each.

Examine the choices below and choose an appropriate subject to capture your audience’s attention.

Education-Related Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

  1. MCQs are preferable to essay tests.
  2. Should boys and girls have their own classrooms?
  3. The most effective method for schools to combat bullying
  4. Gamification and virtual reality are the educational technologies of the future.
  5. Is it necessary for all elementary schools to teach a foreign language?
  6. Only major papers should be graded.
  7. Academic achievement is the sole criterion for personal success.
  8. Is it OK for pupils to bring cell phones to school?
  9. Activities outside of school are a waste of time.
  10. Computer-based education is the most effective method of instruction.

Topics for Persuasive Speeches on the Arts and Culture

  1. Art and culture are vital.
  2. Annual arts festivals should be held in schools.
  3. Modern art is devoid of authenticity.
  4. Is graffiti art?
  5. Ancient art traditions are slowly dying.
  6. Should obscene words be excised from classic works of literature?
  7. Should all national museums be open to the general public?
  8. The value of performing arts in promoting holistic development.
  9. Museums are a rapidly dwindling repository of arts and culture.
  10. Is it necessary for all pupils to learn an instrument at school?

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Plastic use is self-defeating.
  2. The greenhouse effect poses a hazard to human survival.
  3. Pollution of the environment is a global issue.
  4. Should supermarkets sell genetically engineered foods?
  5. Using natural resources and fossil fuels in moderation.
  6. The destruction of the environment is entirely attributable to humans.
  7. Should grocery retailers be prohibited from using plastic bags?
  8. Is it appropriate to allow offshore drilling in coastal habitats?
  9. Which renewable energy source is the best?
  10. Should exotic creatures such as tigers and monkeys be permitted to be owned by humans?

Economic Topics for Persuasive Speeches

  1. The economy is determined by a small number of wealthy industrialists.
  2. Is it necessary for all interns to be compensated for their work?
  3. Should Black Friday sales begin on Thanksgiving?
  4. Economic progress is slowed by political upheaval.
  5. Foreign labor contributes to the economy’s slowing growth.
  6. Is it time to boost the federal minimum wage?
  7. Exports help the economy grow.
  8. Labor is harmed by free trade agreements.
  9. The effect of Brexit on the US economy.
  10. The tourism industry’s involvement in promoting the local economy.

Ethics-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Substance addiction contributes to social ills.
  2. It is permissible for children to engage in delinquent behavior.
  3. College campuses should be gun-free zones.
  4. Consumption of alcohol by minors should result in prison time.
  5. Underage driving should be criminalized.
  6. Is it OK for transgender people to serve in the military?
  7. Should flag burning be prohibited as a form of protest?
  8. Children’s beauty pageants should be prohibited.
  9. Is it time to legalize prostitution?
  10. Is it time to abolish the death penalty?

Fashion-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Fashion is ingrained in society.
  2. Do you believe that fashion firms backed by celebrities are the best?
  3. Clothing made from sustainable materials is the way to go.
  4. Fashion that is environmentally friendly is the way of the future.
  5. What role do clothes have in revealing one’s actual identity?
  6. Jewelry establishes your value.
  7. Certain fashion labels have a detrimental effect on society.
  8. Fashion is a manifestation of one’s personality.
  9. Men should avoid wearing pink.
  10. The fashion industry’s effect on youngsters.

Health-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Noise pollution and its detrimental health effects
  2. Should healthy individuals be compelled to donate blood on a regular basis?
  3. Should minors be permitted to purchase contraceptives without parental consent?
  4. Euthanasia and its authorization in hospitals and other contexts of healthcare.
  5. Should mental health and wellness programs be included in the school curriculum?
  6. Should universal health care be made available to all?
  7. The importance of single-payer health care in the United States.
  8. Should health insurance fund homeopathic and alternative medical treatments?
  9. Is a vegetarian diet superior to a meat-based one?
  10. What effect do diverse musical genres have on the brain?
  11. Fast food is the primary cause of childhood obesity.
  12. What effect does insomnia have on overall health?
  13. Depression has an effect on a person’s immune system.
  14. Exercise on a regular basis helps improve your health.
  15. Restaurants should display all ingredients on their menus to avoid allergic reactions.

Sports-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Sports can increase the effectiveness of learning.
  2. Athletes should be required to submit to drug tests on a regular basis.
  3. Should all students learn to swim at school?
  4. Are gaming consoles and violent video games causing harm to children and adolescents?
  5. Should male and female athletes receive equal compensation?
  6. Should boxing be prohibited?
  7. Gender should be irrelevant in sports.
  8. Is it appropriate for parents to allow their children to play tackle football?
  9. How come sports cars are so dangerous?
  10. Female sports should receive equal media coverage.

Travel-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Travel introduces novel experiences.
  2. Is it necessary for persons traveling by airline to undergo extensive security screenings?
  3. Reasons why airline tickets should be less expensive.
  4. Extreme turbulence in the air can be fatal.
  5. The most advantageous mode of travel is in a guided group.
  6. Tourism wreaks havoc on historical sites.
  7. Ecotourism is critical for long-term development.
  8. Solo travel is the most effective method of self-exploration.
  9. Tourism contributes significantly to the local economy.
  10. Tourism should be prohibited in environmentally sensitive areas.

Technology-Related Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Discuss the future of technology as it relates to artificial intelligence.
  2. The influence of technology on our daily lives.
  3. Robotic technology’s impact on human employment opportunities.
  4. Human dependence on technology.
  5. Social media has displaced face-to-face interactions.
  6. Chat rooms on the internet are not secure.
  7. Should self-driving cars be permitted on the road?
  8. Awareness of Internet fraud
  9. Should libraries be phased out in favor of limitless access to electronic books?
  10. Printing photographs is preferable to storing them on a computer.
  11. Should adults’ screen time be limited?
  12. People are becoming less creative as a result of technology.
  13. Children are becoming sedentary as a result of electronic devices.
  14. Why should the government regulate technology?
  15. Do you believe that internet censorship is excessive?

Topics for Impressive Persuasive Speeches

  1. Why introverts excel in public speaking.
  2. Cults of religion are perilous.
  3. Are you a believer in cities providing free wireless internet?
  4. Why you should select a well-compensated career over one that is enjoyable.
  5. Why music is a good thing for society.
  6. Is any nation truly self-sufficient?
  7. The critical nature of office parties.
  8. Should kids in high school be obliged to perform community service?
  9. Moral imagination is a necessary component of intellectual and spiritual development.
  10. Verbal abuse has the potential to be far more devastating than physical violence.

Additional Popular Topics for Persuasive Speeches

  1. Human development is largely determined by environmental circumstances.
  2. Why should you vote?
  3. Globalization is profitable.
  4. Professional success requires good personal cleanliness.
  5. Television violence should be regulated.
  6. Intelligence is more environment-dependent than genetically determined.
  7. Sexual education should be mandatory.
  8. Do teenager-targeted periodicals give the wrong message?
  9. Should motorcycle riders be required to wear helmets?
  10. Dependence on foreign oil is perilous.

Final Remarks

You should now have a better understanding of how to choose a persuasive speech topic as a result of this blog post. If you are required to deliver a compelling speech, you can choose from any of the unique persuasive speech topics listed above, or you can conduct research and select any hot issue with extensive statistics.

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