personal health assessment

Health Promotion at the Individual Level
On an almost daily basis in a nurse’s work life, nurses are involved in health promotion. Knowledge and skill development related to health promotion assessment and health risk analysis are enhanced through this four step assignment.

Step 1: Personal Health Genogram
Each student will complete a health genogram which will portray prominent health risks and vulnerabilities for the individual. In order to begin this assignment, go to My Family Health Portrait ( or genopro ( and record your family structure for three to four generations (grandparents, parents, you and your siblings. If you have children, a 4th generation should be included). Next, incorporate demographical and health history information for each individual on the diagram. You may elect to hand draw the genogram or use web supported genogram tools. In addition to the assignment which you submit, you will need to print a copy and bring it to class to share with your peers.

Step 2: Personal Health Practices
Healthy nutrition is a challenge worldwide. In some parts of the world people are unable to access food to sustain life. In other parts of the world, the diet will sustain life but not a healthy life. In the remaining parts of the world, nutrition is a mixed problem of under-consumption of healthy foods, over-consumption of healthy and or unhealthy foods or something in-between. There are many other factors contributing to the nutritional intake including ethnicity, personal preferences, and the ability to acquire, prepare, and store food. Health risks and alterations in nutrition to accommodate diseases etc also impact one’s nutrition. RNs are responsible for assessing a client’s nutritional state and collaborating with them to enhance their health.

Similarly, research has shown the relationship between exercise or physical fitness, stress and management of stress. Nurses are also often called upon to assess the patient’s lifestyle as related to the cause or contributing factors of health alterations. Finally, nurses must engage in analysis of health maintenance behaviors to ensure the individuals’ health and population health.

This assignment focuses on the concepts of assessment of one’s health and health behaviors. To complete this assignment you will need to complete an assessment of personal health practices including:
• physical fitness
o including cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, activity endurance, and body composition
o see the guidelines for promoting physical activity in adults at
• nutrition and dietary habits
o see the guidelines for dietary intake to promote health at
o compare your diet with the recommendations.
• life stress management
o including incidence of common age/stage stressors, coping strategies used, stress management practices
• preventive health practices
o see the Preventive Services Guidelines for preventive health practices at (, US Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF)
o compare your health behavior and maintenance practices with the recommendations

Step 3: Health Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
After the assessment is complete the student will analyze the information gather. All the areas assessed should be discussed related to the risks/vulnerabilities for the individual.
The grading rubric for this assignment follows:

Content Points Points Earned Comments
Step 1: Personal Health Genogram summary
Family structure adheres to standard design 3
Health information of each family member incorporated correctly 3
Identification of the client being assessed 1
Step 1: Total 7
Step 2: Personal Health Practices
-personal assessment (3)
-analysis of diet in relation to healthy diet guidelines (2) 5
-personal assessment (3)
-analysis of exercise in relation to healthy exercise guideline (2) 5
-personal assessment (3)
-analysis of stress and stress management (2) 5

Health Maintenance
-personal practices assessment (4)
-analysis of health maintenance in relation to USPHTF guideline (2) 6
-personal assessment of safety and injury prevention practices (4)
-analysis of safety/injury prevention in relation to USPHTF guide (2) 6
Step 2: Total 27
Step 3: Health Risk and Vulnerability Analysis
Identification of risk related to nutrition 1
Identification of risk related to exercise 1
Identification of risk related to stress management 1
Identification of risk related to health maintenance 1
Identification of risk related to injury prevention 1
Identification of risk related to health genogram 1
Step 3: Total 6
APA formatting, professional appearance, critical thinking 5
Total 45

Please note that the paper needs to start with an introduction then followed by the personal health summary of the genogram. Genogram has been done already.There is a need to adhere to the rubric in the content given. The only changes that can be made to the rubric is to incorporate step 3 which is the health risk and vulnerability into step 2 under each personal health practices as appropriate. Please utilize the website links provided in the order instruction except for genopro which is unnecessary since the genogram is done already. I will attach the genogram

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