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An opinion essay is a form of an academic paper in which you must convey your thoughts on a topic and back them up with facts, examples, and proof. Although it may sound like a persuasive essay, it is not. You do not have to strive to persuade the reader in an opinion essay. The opinion essay, like any other essay, should follow a conventional style and format that contains aspects such as an introduction, body, and paragraph. In an opinion essay, you should formally state whether you agree or disagree with the essay topic, and then defend your viewpoints in coherent paragraphs with valid justifications.

When you’re given the assignment of writing an opinion essay, the first step is to come up with a compelling topic. Choosing an appropriate topic for writing an essay, regardless of the genre of the essay, is always a difficult process. If you have a decent topic with a lot of room for discussion, you can easily create an opinion essay.

If you’re required to write an opinion essay, keep in mind that the issue should be related to your experience, personal talents, analysis, a credible source, and research that provides grounds for any certain stance.

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Are you looking for fantastic topic ideas for an opinion essay? To assist you, we have included a collection of popular opinion essay topic ideas. We can also assist to write your paper if you ask us to “write my paper for me.”

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Popular Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

There are numerous opinion essay topics available in various areas when it comes to writing an opinion essay. History, political science, environment, social media, nursing, education, culture, literature, and other popular fields can all be used to compose an opinion essay.

A few popular opinion essay themes on several subjects are listed below. You might look through the provided list and pick an opinion essay topic that interests you.

History Opinion Essay Topics

  1. The advantages of studying history
  2. Monarchy’s Benefits in Modern Society
  3. Is history in the school curriculum still relevant in today’s world?
  4. Pearl Harbor’s Causes and Effects
  5. Is today’s version of Martin Luther King’s message distorted?
  6. Is it necessary to have access to World War II archives?
  7. Coverage of the Vietnam War is rife with bias.
  8. Slavery abolition is a contentious issue.
  9. The Legacy of the Holocaust
  10. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, right?

Political Science Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Everyone should be treated equally under the law.
  2. Should a person who is a minor be permitted to vote?
  3. Is gun control a tool for political control?
  4. Is it appropriate for political leaders to rely on technology?
  5. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Socialism
  6. Is it appropriate for the government to regulate religious practices?
  7. In the media, there is no such thing as free speech.
  8. How to Get Rid of Corruption
  9. Are government-controlled whistleblowers in politics?
  10. Are privatized prisons morally acceptable?

Nursing Opinion Essay Topics

  1. How is stress management in the emergency room monitored?
  2. Should nurses place a greater emphasis on nursing theorists?
  3. Should pharmacists and doctors work together more closely?
  4. Medical personnel shortages have a variety of causes.
  5. Should people be forced to be vaccinated?
  6. Is it necessary to have a global pharmaceutical control system?
  7. Are herbalists on par with traditional doctors?
  8. Is it necessary to include culture in the healthcare curriculum?
  9. Healthcare discrimination based on race
  10. Is it necessary to make potentially dangerous medical knowledge public?

Environmental Opinion Essay Topics: Popular Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Is it true that global warming is a hoax?
  2. Emissions may be used to limit the severity of fines.
  3. Is there sufficient environmental instruction in schools?
  4. Are mobile networks having an impact on rainforests?
  5. The government withholds information about environmental impact.
  6. Is it possible that polar bears are the world’s legacy?
  7. Is Greenpeace a moral organization?
  8. Should fishing wars be regulated on a worldwide scale?
  9. Tsunami Preparedness System Flaws
  10. The advantages of electric vehicles
  11. Is human activity the primary cause of climate change?
  12. Should a global earthquake-prevention fund be established?
  13. The Panama Canal was built in Panama.
  14. Is it ethical to chip animals?
  15. Globalization’s Hidden Dangers

Topics for Opinion Essays on Social Media

  1. Is it necessary to censor the internet?
  2. Is it true that social media encourages people to care about the environment?
  3. Do today’s pupils rely on technology too much?
  4. Is Twitter used for political purposes?
  5. Bullying online vs. bullying in person
  6. The impact of cellphones on young people
  7. Is there a limit to how deep a connection may be on Facebook?
  8. Is it possible to become addicted to smartphone apps?
  9. Should piracy be punished more harshly?
  10. Are there cultural biases in online media networks?

Topics for Opinion Essays on the Generation Gap

  1. How can the generational divide be bridged?
  2. Is it necessary for parents to understand how to connect online?
  3. In successive generations, music has played a varied role.
  4. There’s a link between fashion and crime.
  5. What are the telltale indications of a generational divide?
  6. Is there a generation gap due to a lack of education in a certain subject?
  7. Should parents have access to social media management tools?
  8. At work, there is an age gap.
  9. Should there be online educational courses for those over the age of 60?
  10. Should parents of adolescent children dress in the same manner as their children?

Culture Opinion Essay Topics

  1. The use of computers to replace acoustic instruments
  2. Record labels have been devastated by the internet.
  3. Physical relationships are distorted by online communication.
  4. Modern pop stars are defined by their obscene power displays.
  5. Korean pop music is quite popular.
  6. Traditional fashion aspects have been harmed by globalization.
  7. Is present culture influenced by previous decades?
  8. YouTube celebrities’ ascension
  9. Political strikes and cultural aspects of rock music have a skewed outlook.

Topics for Opinion Essays on Education

  1. Should smartphones be prohibited on college campuses?
  2. Is it true that e-books are dangerous?
  3. Is it appropriate for teachers to penalize students?
  4. Private education is eclipsing public education.
  5. Is it possible to conduct research using only online sources?
  6. When comparing American education to that of other countries,
  7. Should pupils just study subjects that they enjoy?
  8. Are non-traditional schools better at adapting to real-life situations?
  9. The advantages of distant education
  10. Is there a link between video games and campus violence?
  11. Are gender schools still useful in today’s world?
  12. Is it still necessary to study Latin today?
  13. Plagiarism that was not intended
  14. Should GPA be replaced by something else?
  15. Should religion be taught in schools?

Literature Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Shakespeare’s sonnets about love and death
  2. Should the grammar of the English language be preserved?
  3. Gender prejudice in English literature from the seventeenth century
  4. Should the importance of English literature in college be lowered?
  5. Is it true that reading improves spelling?
  6. Methods for assisting modern youngsters in reading
  7. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Voice of African-Americans
  8. Will science fiction assist in the advancement of technology?
  9. Will paper books be phased out in the near future?
  10. Classic books should be made available for free.

Psychology Opinion Essay Topics

  1. Should employers conduct mental health screenings on prospective employees?
  2. Autism sufferers are hidden geniuses.
  3. Media coverage of the negative repercussions of violence
  4. Could animals assist in the reduction of stress?
  5. Physical education’s involvement in anxiety reduction
  6. Diet & Its Harmful Effects
  7. The consequences of irregular sleeping patterns
  8. Meditation’s psychological effects
  9. Propaganda on television promotes phobias.
  10. Personality that is antisocial Controlling the chaos

Final Thoughts on Good Opinion Essay Topics

We have simply included a few opinion essay topics in this blog post. Popular Opinion Essay Topics: On a variety of subjects, there are many more opinion essay ideas to choose from. When selecting an opinion essay topic, be sure to select one that you are well-versed in, as well as one that allows you to express your thoughts. You must present appropriate pieces of evidence or instances to firmly articulate your point of view on an issue.

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