operations-management Essay Paul Sablic is the supervisor of the pur

Paul Sablic is the supervisor of the purchasing department for Pine Village Community Medical Center ( CMC). ( See the Values and Beliefs Statement in Figure 1.8.) Paul had an opening in his department. The human resources de-partment first used an internal recruiting method through which current employees were asked to identify potential candidates from their social and professional networks. 1 In addition, HR posted the position in several professional pub-lications and in area newspapers and message boards. The goal was to attract and hire the better person available.HR prescreened all applicants ( more than 140 persons applied for the position) and reduced the list to eight. Sablic and the HR personal had previously conducted a job and task analysis, and identified the specific types of SKAs found in employees who perform successfully in that position. Sample tests were administered in which applicants were asked to perform real job- like activities. A series of work sample tests were developed and given to those employees currently holding the position. The results affirmed that the tests measured the factors im-portant to the position. Each of the final applicants was also given a broad personality inventory that included integrity questions designed to weed out applicants likely to lie, steal, cheat, or defraud the medical center. 2 Each applicant for the vacant position received written guidelines explaining CMCs rationale for testing. The HR department administered the tests to all of the pre-screened applicants.The rsums of the six people who scored highest on the work sample tests and met all the prescreening criteria were sent to Paul for review. Paul selected four applicants to be interviewed, including Dean Fuller. Full-ers rsum showed that he had been an excellent col-lege student and that he had worked in the purchasing department of a regional furniture chain. Paul personally interviewed all applicants, as did three of his key direct reports. The feedback from the direct reports was mixed. Each had ranked a different person as the first choice. Composite rankings for the four applicants were as fol-lows: Helen Hoczyk ( 1.67), Dave Grote ( 2.67), Dean Fuller ( 2.67), and Tom Krieg ( 3.00). Their overall ranking was consistent with Pauls. After touching base with the HR department representative, Paul offered the job to Helen Hocyzk, and she accepted.When he learned that he had been turned down for the job, Fuller asked to meet with Carol Holbrook, CMCs director of human resources. Fuller, who is confined to a wheelchair, had been frustrated in his efforts to ob-tain meaningful work since he had been laid off from his previous job six months earlier. In his meeting with Holbrook, Fuller stated, When I came in for the inter-view and shook hands, I couldnt shake firmly. They saw me in a wheelchair. Those things stuck in their heads. They didnt ask me about my condition. I was struck by a drunk driver six years ago. I returned to my previous purchasing job after extensive rehabilitation, but I lost the job when the retail chain went out of business. In January, I moved to Pine Village to continue physical therapy and to be close to my parents. Ive had several job interviews, but no one gives me a chance to describe how I could handle certain aspects of the job. I would be an excellent purchasing assistant if someone would give me a chance.To reinforce his claims, Fuller described several technological adaptive aids he used in his work and contended that he had done well on the work sample tests. He also showed Holbrook papers that documented the long hours he had put in at his previous job. He also shared several recommendation letters in which former employers spoke highly of his abilities. Holbrook listened patiently, making notes as Fuller talked. She was startled by Fullers last statement. Every-one has disabilities, but most arent as obvious as mine. Perhaps I need to see a lawyer. Returning to his office after a lengthy meeting, Paul Sablic glanced through his e- mails and saw one from Holbrook marked urgent. Holbrook and Bob Rentz, executive VP for administration, wanted to meet later that afternoon to discuss Pauls hiring process and to prepare for a possible legal battle. Paul pondered where to begin.Review the above case study.Develop a paper summarizing the interview questions, performance tests, and potential accommodations you might consider. Identify whether these should be a factor in your decision to hire Fuller. Explain why this documentation is important in the hiring process.Discuss the approaches a supervisor may take in onboarding this new employee. Enumerate training and development approaches that may be available.Your answer must me two pages in length

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