operations-management Essay A make-to-order operation would be prima

A make-to-order operation would be primarily concerned with:1. Forecasting demand2. Machine utilization3.Workers’ skills4.Lead-timeQUESTION 2Identify the correct statement from the given choices.1.A batch process is characterized by jumbled flow while an assembly line process is characterized by a regular sequential flow.2.The project form of operations is characterized by difficult planning and scheduling.3.Batch production is synonymous with mass production systems, mass customization, and lower costs.4.All of the above5.a and b onlyQUESTION 3An important lesson from the Hayes and Wheelwright product-process matrix is: 4The type of processing system that has high product variety and medium capital investment is:1.Line2.Continuous production3.Project4.Batch5.None of the above.QUESTION 5An example of a business/industry that uses batch flow and makes to stock is:1.Oil refining2.Telephone company3.Artist paintings4.Hospital5.Machine shopQUESTION 6Under lean, the ROI is increased by:1.An increase in revenues2.Cost reductions3.Fewer inventories4.a, b, and c5.Both b and cQUESTION 7Lean emphasizes all of the following except:1.Setup time reductions2.Increased maintenance of machines3.Lot size reduction4.Elimination of waste5.Supplier developmentWith regards to suppliers, lean systems typically require:1.Delivery of large lots at frequent intervals2.Buyer inspection of goods and materials3.Multiple suppliers from which to purchase4.Long-term relationships and commitments5.Playing suppliers against one anotherReducing setup time is important because it:1.Increases available capacity2.Increases flexibility to meet schedule changes3.Reduces inventory4.Both a and b5.a, b, and cThe ideal setup time for a lean system is:1.5 minutes2.The time it takes the line to get ready3.0 minutes4.1 hourThe time it takes a container to complete an entire circuit consists of: of setup time is accomplished by separating internal and external setups and:1.Reducing inventory2.Implementing a Kanban system3.Converting internal setup time to external setup time4.Reducing lot sizesThe market-pull view of new product innovation is to: of the following is not part of the new-product development process?1.Concept development2.Product design3.Development of the marketing strategy4.Pilot production/testingProcess design:1.Is the way new product ideas are developed2.Is the next stage after product design3.Is considered less important to a company than product design4.Should occur at the same time as product designDesign for manufacturing involves: large office that has a typing pool, a copying department, and all the managers in a large suite of offices is an example of: company makes necklaces with attached letters. Department A manufactures the necklace chains and letters ahead of demand. Department B assembles the necklaces when orders are received. Departments A and B are, respectively:1.Make-to-stock, make-to-stock2.Make-to-stock, assemble-to-order3.Make-to-order, make-to-stock4.Make-to-order, assemble-to-order

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